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  1. \o
  2. Welcome to the community!
  3. Welcome to the community!
  4. Not going to pre-order, but it will be an exciting thing to keep an eye on.
  5. The leviathan they were attacking in the beginning of the video is owned by CFC (ClusterFfff Coalition) and is worth around 3,900USD in total. The Titan's pilot accidentally jumped the titan into the system instead of briding to allow the support fleet to come in and reinforce the offense against a nearby DND support tower. It was supposed to be a simple "Walk in and kill what you can mission". The original target of the attacking fleet was one of DND's support towers (that you can see in the video) which was about to come out of reinforce. All seemed simple, but the CFC received bad intel when the guy from Fatal Ascension forgot to mention that the locals had a nasty habit of hot-dropping in PL's (Pandemic Legion) supercaptials to defend the area. PL was already pissed off at CFC and their allies because they killed three Nyx super-carriers earlier that month (worth well over thirty billion isk alone to fit without anything in the bays) so they happily oblidged in the offer to have standby supports waiting to jump onto DND's station if necessary So when the CFC accidentally warped the titan instead of bridging, the flag was thrown to PL and the clusterFfff ensued with every major alliance and coalition in EVE showing up for a piece of the fight. Edit: Did some research, fixed the story. TLDR: Original target was a station, defending command knew it was going to be the target of an attack and had an ally's super-capital fleet in reserve. Offensive command accidentally warped a titan [largest and arguably the most expensive ship in the game] into the system instead of using it to create a artificial wormhole. Defense was like "oFfff" and called in their reinforcements.
  6. Not sure if this was posted anywhere but if you are interested: Don't want to watch the intro and go straight to the initial "holy shit" moment? Skip to 3:25 in the video. Ships of all sorts, shapes, and sizes are bridging in throughout the video. This was all sparked by a simple mis-click by one player.
  7. A MANDALORIAN. I approve.
  8. >:C
  9. This looks nice, will defiantly take a look.
  10. True story.
  11. This game is basically, as I told Keller; a 4 person co-op,dungeon-crawling, horde-slayer where you are space ninja from the future with guns.
  12. Rest In Peace In Peace NJC was hardcore though. They had issues banning people considering they split the sim up into a billion or so parcels but it was fun.