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  1. Kytec: was trying to get off faster, but peopel keep messaging me lol gotta love out of context quotes.
  2. Quotes taken from my CS days. [8:54] Dayna Laville(COMS): i have to get ready for work, IM that dude and tell him that plane is laggy and not allowed, go find the death star and blow them up [23:35] jack India: You hamster's about to get ass cannon fired when I punch you so hard in the stomache it shoots out your ass. [23:35] Broken Steerpike: your about to fist his hampster? [23:35] Broken Steerpike: lolwut? [6:55] Mayra Roffo: Tenyth can strip me down [22:48] Zdax Hornet: Don't shoot Tenyth [22:48] Zdax Hornet: Unless you WANT to run laps. [23:49] RoudyRaccoon Hand: Suck my bunny <3 [15:44] Kekken Biberman: Did Christoph rape joo? [15:44] CaptCuddles Boa: MAYBEH and one more from ordo: [18:38] Fen Fouroux: I'm going to have sex with Aryte even if it costs me my favorite sneakers.
  3. [18:38] Fen Fouroux: I'm going to have sex with Aryte even if it costs me my favorite sneakers. [20:44] Aryte Vesperia: JESUS CHRIST TENYTH [20:44] Aryte Vesperia: NO [20:44] Aryte Vesperia: NO MORE [20:54] Aryte Vesperia: Sounded like you just orgasmed on mic. [21:06] Aryte Vesperia: Tenyth receives the awkward moment award for today. [19:33] Wolfe Hardin: One of my dogs looks like Aryte. :/ [19:33] Wolfe Hardin: just without the eye markings. [19:34] Wolfe Hardin: And makes less noise. [19:34] Wolfe Hardin: He weigs 82LBs but weighs 140 when wet. :P [19:34] Wolfe Hardin: A giant spooge [19:10] Aryte Vesperia: Welcome back. Eat your wheaties. [19:10] Aryte Vesperia: Be a good boy. [19:10] Aryte Vesperia: Etc. [06:21] Mercury: New contact: Nrom Normandy [06:21] (COM): Agares Tretiak: I smell heresy. [19:01] (COM): Aryte Vesperia: Be hard then. [04:51] Liam Macalroy: Tenyth... you're the new Ass Model of Ordo [02:22] Williamca Zenovka: I now have a mangina, thanks. [22:04] Liam Macalroy: i pump him pretty hard when in the middle of combat [22:04] Liam Macalroy: fired off a few times without me expecting it :x (all my ordo quotes, dumped into this forum topic. <3)
  4. This is of the sim way above the sim. Cammed around and stuff.
  5. Mine's emergence with shadows turned on. SSAO turned all the way up, and blur turned down a bit. As for environment settings, I'm going to be creating a custom settings since nikki liked it.
  6. Let's be photographers and show how awesome we are. or something like that. I figure I need something to do that's low-bandwidth. :B
  7. flarblejerbajerbajerb >:(

  8. grats!
  9. also yea. just ask me for one :D
  10. that vegna has the ability to post on our forum :<
  11. okay. updated them. the HUD now doesn't play in-world so you CAN listen on-base.
  12. well it might help that I'm not making a profit off them. plus it's the licensed music. that they licensed from other people. :D which means if I got that license I COULD sell it without their permission. BUuuuut I'm not gonna be profiting off this. :3 also that friend gave me the pip-boy full perm so I'll be throwing the radio script in there.
  13. [7:04] Sera Otoro: im not touching his... [7:04] Rei Kuhr: Someone go find out where Arch got that new av >:o [7:04] Tenyth Hirano: wut sera? :o [7:04] Keno Pontoppidan (COM): Why do we man the wall... [7:05] Sera Otoro: yes, you heard right, i denied feet
  14. Other avatars can hear HUD sounds now. Yea >.<