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  1. *Watches Inoue from a darker corner.* :| *WATCHES AELUS WATCH INOUE HIDE IN THE DARK CORNER* *steals your wallet as you watch aelus watch inoue in the dark corner >:O* *smacks Moy upside the head with a TF2 Scout's bat*
  2. Bank employees wear jeans.
  4. Some of you may have already heard, but for the rest: I'm going to be gone in Europe for 6 weeks starting on July 9th. I'm going to be 99% out of communication for the first few days, then 100% incommunicado until I return on August 20th. I've been fairly inactive the last few weeks as I've been diligently planning, so hopefully my presence won't be missed. For those interested, I'm going to be in the UK from July 10th to the 15th, in Switzerland from July 15th to August 19th, and back in the UK on August 19th and 20th. I'll probably see many of you before I go, but if I don't, have a good summer and see you when I get back! :)
  5. Woot. Finally a chance to use another PHP-Fusion feature. Gonna activate the FAQ section and start adding these questions there: http://www.ordoimperialis.com/ordo/faq.php.
  6. Haha. I lol'd many times, Jester.
  7. Not good enough. D; Then you get nothing. "D;"
  8. I can make a thread too. :P Post here if you're going to SLCC in Tampa, FL in September. http://slconvention.org
  9. Architect of Unity Merit Architect of Eternity Merit Astra Ace Merit Combat Prowess Merit Combat Prowess (II) Merit Marksmen Merit Operation Persecutus Merit Ordo Achievement Merit Praetorian Service Merit Prior Service Merit Basic Training Merit
  10. Only the Imperator can issue orders to the Praetorian guard, unless the Imperator orders otherwise.
  11. whined on vent for ______.
  12. logged on to Second Life and finished the __________.
  13. http://xkcd.com
  14. You should get a EOTech HWS. >_> WAY cooler than an ACOG. It's allso nightvision compatible. :P
  15. There are more human officers in the Ordo than furries (including Aryte), lol. And we all know that Ordo > SL.