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Seb Yakan

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  1. I was thinking of some town or city in Norway.
  2. Barbarian here >:l I leap on shit.
  3. What did I miss out on? :c
  4. Yep. Can't figure out how to embed a video.
  5. So .. we're shutting Titan down the 15th, right ..?
  6. Remember when I made it fashionable to have racing stripes on your armor chest plate?
  7. Shazbot! Shazbot! Shazbot!
  8. Good idea, Keller. Make it happen, Azimuth! >:c
  9. This is neat, good work. c: I'll try it out.
  10. I'm having a lot of fun with the Multiplayer demo, but I can't stand the controls in this game. I might as well just have a keyboard with the "space" key and nothing else.
  11. I'm still around.. now and then. c:
  12. It's not January anymore, silly!
  13. Congratulations everyone. :3
  14. Omahgosh! Happy Birthday :D
  15. Well deserved. Congratulations!