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  1. As far as I can tell, the majority of the group who play just play casually. I personally tend to binge game, so if need be, I could probably catch up in no time.
  2. I hate to bring a forum back from the dead. However, this game has been picking up in popularity, especially with members in the group. It may be worth looking into a chapter for this game.
  3. Interesting new development. This game supports cross server PVP. After level 35, a player can participate in the The Way of the Dragon event. Which allows the player to go to other servers and fight.
  4. Claymore Server, Balthazar is my character name. Let me know if you send me a friend request
  5. Open beta begins this week, July 3rd. July 1st if you had a hero pack/starter pack. No need to get a key for it afterwards.
  6. Newer information on Swordsman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvtYKW0LfZU PVP will have four different modes. Guild benefits include gear, items unavailable in the rest of the world. Guild based questing depending on which faction the guild aligns itself with. And more is promised. Open beta begins July 3.
  7. Swordsman Online [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOAY-UdzqnQ There is a new beta being released to the American Market from Perfect World Entertainment called Swordsman. The game is based off of the Chinese novel of the same name. It has been a long time since there was a decent Asian Martial Arts Mythology game of any type, and this one brings something very nice to the table. <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="http://games.arcgames.com/en/prod/swordsman/game-pack/detail/425-hero" href="http://games.arcgames.com/en/prod/swordsman/game-pack/detail/425-hero" s-pack"="">The list of schools can be found at the games wiki, http://swordsman.gamepedia.com/Swordsman_Wiki After playing the game for a few days, I've noticed very very rare bits of Engrish. Few bugs, none that break gameplay completely. And an actual friendly player base. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'll be on Teamspeak.
  8. not much, I'm not sure how the game was in Beta, but its playable now. TDM is clean. The only issue with weapons so far is the base shotgun doesn't work as intended. Not sure about the other shotguns. Headshots, accuracy, everything else is pretty spot on.
  9. as of late, any review for a game just released will paint it pretty poorly. especially if its a freebie game. reviews turn out to be biased for or against the developer rather than the product. the game is source engine, so yes, its stable.
  10. Has anyone else checked this game out off of Steam? linky! http://store.steampowered.com/app/51100/?snr=1_200_200_Free+to+Play_tab-NewReleasesFilteredDLC Free to play, in every way possible. Micro-transactions are entirely optional as you can earn enough in game credits to purchase everything. Smooth game play, customizable lobbies, clear in game voice chat. Simple controls and easily understood game concepts. Game modes include Team Death Match and Mission Mode. Mission Mode includes several different tactical missions, hostage situations, high speed VIP car chase and plant the bomb. All mission mode games cycle twelve rounds, teams swapping after the sixth. Every other round, the game targets change positions. Did i mention its free?
  11. no word of a lie, my last name is Gentile... and yes, people call me Mr Genital when they cant pronounce my last name. as far as your Grandfather, i know how you feel man, i had just burried mine two sundays ago, he hid the fact that he had bone cancer from the family and just gave up after his youngest son hanged himself.
  12. updates for this issue: i have Keystone Gray, Tsume Xiao, Dagger Exonar, Krow Ames, PADI321 Arida and Lestat Umarov to assist. a date set will be most likely the second week of November.
  13. Number 1, you dont have to dance if you dont want to. Number 2, most of the women in the Ordo are really men, so your just makeing excuses now. man up, bitch.
  14. Ok, ive been thinking of this for quite some time. (since Ferrata had an outpost basicly) Ive been tinkering and planning a Military Ball for the whole of Ordo. Useing my own land ofcourse as its neutral territory. Now, i need some volunteers, one or two from each division would be best. Requirements of this job are as follows: ~A willingness to get off yer duff and do something other than blow stuff up or shoot a big gun. ~A drive to actually see this project to reality w/in SL and not just in my skull. ~A rather well defined sense of planning. Bonus' are: ~ building skills (texturing and scripting small poses and what nots) need some nice Ordo-esque tables, chairs and what-nots. ~ neurotic tendencies to get things done and to push others to get them done aswell. ~ a flair for Military Formalities and Functions. also the ability to act professional and dignified infront of foriegn representatives is a major plus. Reason for that is, if possible, a certain number of OFFICERS from the rest of the military groups in SL maybe invited. Depending on how it pans out and if Aryte feels they deserve the invites.
  15. most of us that were in the AN2 when it was created came from the Mercz and the AN. fladara may have turned out to be a total cunt, but its his fault we exist, and im sure hes having nightmares about us still.