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Xang Xiao

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  1. Xoza, I am already on the US Military Gaming Network team. If I known you guys had one I would have joined. I am doing my run from 2100 to 2100 CST 22/23 Oct 2014. I will be twitching it. The link is embedded on my donation link above.
  2. Hi all. I am particapting in the 2014 Extra Life gaming marathon. What it means is I am going to be playing videogames 24 hours straight for donations to the Alabama Children's hospital. I wont be able to do it on the exact day (wife's bday) but I will post the date\time on the page and twitch stream the whole thing. If interested see my page below: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=125633
  3. See... proof of me having already having the honor of owning "Aryte's undying love"... lol... Hey Kristian long time no talk. How are you doing?
  4. I will PM you Xoza.
  5. Sorry... Been gone... Want to say Congrats Inoue. You really are top notch.
  6. Not a big deal Xoza. :)
  7. Yes they were Cyphre
  8. Thank you. Nice to meet you also.
  9. Hi everyone. I have been gone for a very long time. I got involved with Ordo even before Ordo was Ordo. I started out in a group with Aryte and then splintered off with him to the "Novus Ordo Imperialis". In the NOI I was a division leader within Terra (Centurion). I ran "Levitas" and we were a pretty tight nit group. After a while NOI went away and we moved on to a new venture. Titan Industries; in which I helped out with public relations. Then something exciting happened. Aryte decided to get back into the SL military scene. So the Ordo Imperialis was born. I was lucky enough to get picked up as the Legates (O-3) of Terra. It was fun times for me and we did a lot of things. I finally stepped down and temperarily retired. Then I came back once and finally decided to retire perminently. Since they I have been off doing my own thing and mainly focusing on my job/family. I have been promoted (I am USAF) a few times and think I am finally at my last assignment before I retire. Well it is good to be back. My XBL GT is: Eques A Spe *NOTE: I might be off a little on the history but it is close. BTW want to thank Soulbinder Wolfstein for picking up the slack during my first retirement.
  10. You can do a audit on me but I am sure all of my stuff is messed up. I have been retired way too long. I would probably have to log into SL and fish my awards out of my inventory as proof lol.
  11. I still play quite a bit. The new weekly episode was very cool. Currently I have: VA1 Trill Tactical Officer (Anti-Proton Canon Fleet Cruiser Captain, All Crafting Maxed) RA1 Caitian Engineer Officer (Star Cruiser Captain) LCOMM2 Vulcan Science Officer (Science Ship Captain) LCOMM2 Leviathan Tactical Offier (Birds of Prey Captain) I also have three other toons in the pipe that I plan on doing different ship combos: Liberated Borg Engineer Officer which will be a Science ship Captain Andorian Tactical Officer which will be a Cruiser Captain Rigelian Science Officer which will be a Escort Captain I am soon going to create a second klink. Hopefully after they fix the PVP stuff for good. Whew.... just got my geek on lol.
  12. Message me for My info
  13. I have a guest pass for Starcraft II. Anyone want it?
  14. Reminder... this weekend is test weekend on tribble. There are bonuses this weekend only for helping cryptic test.. IE special tribble.
  15. Reminder... this weekend is test weekend on tribble. There are bonuses this weekend only for helping cryptic test.. IE special tribble.