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Trevor Russell

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  1. I'm here at Anthrocon :D Myself, your Genesis, your Hokusai, your Vinnie, and your Tsume are staying with me. Tsume and Vinnie aren't here yet, Genesis and Hokusai are napping at the moment.
  2. Step One: Buy Trevur a gun. Preferably in pink. Step Two: Visit Trevur. Step Three: Go to Siesta Key wif Trevur. Step Four: Make religious bigots in Gainesville awkwardly uncomfortable (wif Trevur). Step Five: Show up on CNN Evening News wif Trevur for participating in Step Four.
  3. The idea was behind a long standing idea that the old "threat level" system wasn't enough. One lvl5 entry does not have the same urgency as 20 lvl5 entries. This is why DEFCON was used in ordo, as I recall, to differentiate it from threat levels.
  4. Get a real computer. Problem solved.
  5. You would.
  6. Wow. A very long overdue post. I can't count how many times this document would com in handy. Sticky this :o
  7. Trevor Russell owns 5 GB of music, and has only listened to 2 GB. He does not know why, or even what songs lie in the other 3 GB.
  8. Might I suggest, when the uniform variants come out, having the alpha merit in the lockers for easy access? Just like we do with the basic training merit!
  9. o_O
  10. Also, Intus has been doing sew-on style name tags for the BDUs. I'm sure if you ask really nicely and give him cookies he'll make you one.
  11. Also would like to add: It gets really frustrating when people are hanging out in the build area and defense is down to 2-3 people. Titan needs a minimum of 5 defenders per policy. If you are building something during low defense, it is strongly requested that you join defense if you can. If you are, like many people have done, simply hanging out and watching the builders during low defense, there is no excuse.
  12. Fuck you Zrazor. Tim Burton is better than Cyanide Party.

  13. Your's is fine, actually, once you size it down! The forums auto-renders all avatars to 150x150, however, linking off-site can allow you to post images bigger than that. If you size it down yourself and upload it to the forums, it will actually look better! Why? the forums resizes the images using XHTML/CSS resizing, whereas if you do it yourself with Photoshop, The GIMP, or othe decent program (don't use Paint Dx, it fails), it is equivalent to running a video game with antialiasing (no jagged lines, etc.) In short, well: http://www.brighthub.com/internet/web-development/articles/24826.aspx
  14. Best of luck to them, sorry to see them leave!
  15. Thank you, everyone, for making quick work of this issue. <3 you all.