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Crimson Nexys

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  1. New mouse Socks and prolly I guess the cash that I won at Mohegan Sun :D
  2. Lets go with one of my classics shaaaaaall we. In all his Ordomas cheer I GIVE YOU THE AUGUSTUS:
  3. Happy THANKSGIVING erryone!

  4. BUMP
  5. Heya
  6. Ello WB :P
  7. Ello, Welcome aboard!



  9. Ugh WHHHHHHHHY 3 games I wanna get but there can only be ONE and that is................RUST!
  10. Welcome Aboard, I see Kavi is back at it again. Glad to see that TOR is picking up more activity again.
  11. Let the Countdown BEGIN: 21 DAYS AMD COUNTING



  12. Welcome welcome finally :D
  13. I hope to get ops going on some of the Titan servers
  14. Well I want to bump this being that you can now get BF2142 for free and play. We also have a server. https://bl2142.co/downloads.php
  15. It's fast approaching. IDEAS. GO.
  16. Yeah I know, I needed to bump it so we can get ideas flowing as the 5th draws near.
  17. BUMP
  18. No real explanation needed !!
  19. Happy Birthday to our Lord Emperor Augustus Aryte I. He is our savior our God. Kneel before him on his day of Salvation.

    1. Aryte


      Aw, thanks buddy.

    2. Crimson Nexys

      Crimson Nexys

      Not a problem :3

  20. Stepping up! It only 8years!