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  1. Might as well make a note here.
  2. Reading the article makes me want to play this game even more.
  3. Actually it's priced lower than when it releases. Squad has always had each update slowly raising the price. When I bought it, it was $10. Every update bumps it up a tiny bit. They're looking at release being $25-$30
  4. For those who haven't heard about this, it's sort of akin to Spore in space, in a way. It's a sandbox rocket builder with various neat options, and has various planets/moons for you to fly to as well as future updates to add lots of new things. Check it out now that it's available on Steam: KSP on Steam
  5. Best advice I can give is zero your weapon to about 300m. Any target farther than that will be too small to see very well and would be hard to hit without optics regardless. At 300m you just aim dead center of mass and you'll hit. Anything closer, aiming center of mass will still most likely hit.
  6. Note that all the prepurchase options have been already shown on the link I posted.
  7. Just to remind people: ArmA 3's Alpha test starts March 5th. I'm not sure if it's limited invites or not, but those who get in will have invites to hand out. Also, preorders will be up on March 5th, and those will come with three invites. Go here to see the details.
  8. Get Start8 from Stardock. Adds the windows menu and taskbar to the desktop so you don't ever have to use metro.
  9. reddit.com
  10. The problem with the article is a lot of people misunderstood what was being talked about. It simply states that an alcuberrie drive would use less energy than thought, not that it was closer to working conditions. One of the main problems with the ABD is not how much energy is required, but what type of energy is needed. Things like negative mass, which although not proven to exist have not been disproven either (there's a lot of hard to understand math here). It's like saying "Oh we can make a car that goes 1000mph on a single gallon of fuel, except we haven't invented the engine yet." While this news is good, don't take it to mean that we'll be cruising to Alpha Centauri by the end of the century. Not yet anyways.
  11. Caleb Carstensz on TS during DayZ while being attacked by a zombie: "He's inside me, there's nothing I can do!"
  12. Joseph Spearmann shouting from a Praeda. Not that we could see him with the glare from his bald head. Emma Roy accidentally nuking Titan because Grey Nolder put an invisible particle emitter in a smoke stack for the smoke effect, thus causing the silo nuke to detonate about 12 inches from it's launcher. Cheeso's MANY friendly fire "accidents". Keno's flying doors. Me and Tatha having a five hour long musket duel around Steff while she was building the Nex-class fleet ship while using nuclear missiles as cover. All the times people hit F2 instead of F12. Especially during meetings. Watching Sparta come to raid Titan when we had 3 people on sim at 2 in the morning. Watching our numbers go to 32 before they finished teleporting. Hitting hostile militaries with enough people to fill their sim up to the point that their own members couldn't reinforce. Agares as an E-2. Loki Cramer as an O-2 (What is now O-4). Gunau MotherFfffing Sodwind.
  13. The beta registration page is weird. Wtf is the message box for and why is it required?
  14. I would play i44 every now and then, but all the servers I used to play on are gone. The mod is kaput.
  15. Still no joy on getting a key through twitter.