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Crash Silverfall

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  1. Hai guys, im crash, some of you will probably still remember me or not. Anyway Sup :>
  2. rofl, well i heard from several people its gonna be epic so it must be good. and wow this site still remembers my 1800 posts
  3. I still play SL, Other then that not much sometimes Minecraft (lol) and NFS payback, i am waiting for Red dead redemption 2 tho.
  4. Ffff YEAH, Beta Release ;> However, u need to sign up, and you will be chosen if u are worthy enough, however apparently it will take around 6 months before the actual release
  5. Hiiiii, whats up guys? :D
  6. :(, I thought people forgot about me
  7. Forum Game

    First of all, I got this from another forum, some download one, so i just thought it would be cool to have it on here. Anyway here is how it works: we take turns to post the next number and see how high we can get. Remember: - do not post more than 1 number at a time until someone else posts the next number - do not deliberately mess up the numbering - comments are welcome as long as you post the next number - you can also post a pictures with a number in, BUT it have to be the number following. Good Luck! Let's start: 1
  8. Hi!

  9. I THOUGHT I'D SHARE, i got one, Yamaha Raptor SE 700 2007
  10. thats 5 am my time :s
  11. and i'm here wondering, how much you can think about a silly mouse, i just go to the store look quick at some, try to take a good one and gone lol
  12. - 425€ - candy - new shoes (lol) - scaled model of my fav car
  13. wtf aryte: " [18:01:00] (E!) Neva Naughty Designs Hot Chocolate (Wear Me): Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time."
  14. DO ET, then i'm finally gone ;>
  16. Gotta work tomorrow on a saturday from 7 am till 6 pm, fml

    1. Aryte


      dat be lame yo.

  17. Its funny how Arokh is almost the only one that posts actual things, SO LONELY
  18. . . .
  19. - Band of brothers
  20. SO WE CAN GOOF OFF, Sweeet its that time again of the year where i can go to titan again :D
  21. No offense to anyone or anything but er, in that video from BBC: in that sort of classroom are they crying or laughing, cause i can't seem to tell lol
  22. ugh okay