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  1. Saints Row - Gat out of hell
  2. Yeah, I hear it's a kill steal event. I play once in a while, but it's not really my thing.
  3. Burrwolf and Teron have been playing it a bit recently.
  4. rumored to also give you a spot in line for buying the controllers later.
  5. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWteWul9cBE
  6. Just went Open Beta http://worldofwarships.com/en/game/download/ [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAAgZvVsW78
  7. Other than the video once the site actually loaded it was a Cash Grab button and a 'Watch our reveal at E3' Kinda like a Michael Bay film. All Flash, no substance, yet they managed to get ahold of your debit card. Pricing is standard $60
  8. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cML814JD09g http://thevoid.com/ Ordocon 2016 *nods*
  9. Their 'augmentation' of Paint It Black was as painful as playing their PC version on launch day.
  10. Me getting hacked: https://plus.google.com/100823344678926272102/posts/GFtVDm6c29W
  11. Steam is letting me pre-load now. EDIT: 13.6G
  12. *insert rant about zombie games here*
  13. Yeah. Noticed this on the official forums: http://groforums.ubi.com/showthread.php?29192-Another-matchmaking-post
  14. Not the biggest fan of 3PS, but I decided to install and give it a shot. I think I did alright for a first match. The Weapon/attachment preview, and the seamless/instant transition to the range is probably the best i've seen that I can remember. oooh, and It has a Bizon and the Calico in this. Two of my favorite weapons. it has the potential to be more tactical friendly with the Class perks and whatnot.
  15. got worried for a bit. all news of the game kinda went dark when they announced they were delaying.
  16. 199X Ford Probe. Auto No Photo Technically my first car. Bought it shorly after I got out of the Army. 2nd day of driving it, I had a tire blow in a curve that sent me off into a 7-8' deep ravine, hit a tree about 5' off the ground. That haulted the forward momentum and the car dropped the remaining distance into the creek below. Got out of the car, Climbed out of the ravine, and walked the mile or so to the nearest house. Made more in insurance payout than I got for it. 1996 Pontiac Sunfire GT - Auto 2003-2013 What I consider my first car. Bought this a bit after I got my money for the probe. Hooked up with a Regional Jbody Car club (Jbody northwest) Where I was one of like 3 people who had Sunfires, adn the rest had Cavaliers. The car was pretty much my learn how to fix/mod stuff, with mixed results. Ended up Burning a valve in the middle of a race, and even after having that repaired, it's been giving me mechanical and electrical issues. It also developed a leak someplace and in the wonderful PNW weather, The driver side started pooling water in the floorboards. Car will probably be set out to pasture later this year after I harvest some parts. === 2012 Honda CBR 250R 2012 - Present After saving up and getting my Endorsement a year prior, I bought a bike.I'll ride this most of the year when it's not raining too bad. Amusing to scrape the ice off the seat instead of the windshield. Learned how to drive a manual transmission on this thing. 1992 Toyota MR2 - Manual 2013-2014 Having my Sunfire out of commission and tired of riding my bike in the rain all winter, I picked up a new car fairly cheap. I like unique/different cars and things, and I could not afford the car that I really wanted, so i picked this up. Been having alot of fun with it. Also learned how to drive stick on this thing. Since I learned the theory and basic mechanics of it on the bike, it was fairly easy to transfer the skill to the car. Sold in 2014 to a local friend. 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT - Manual 2014 - Present Managed to snag one of these rare cars cheap. #1666 of 6849 produced. The Passenger rear wheel and suspention was toast due to the previous owner sliding it into a curb pretty bad to the point it looked like the car had a hover conversion installed. Like my MR2 that it is replacing, this car is also Mid-Engine. ----------------- Project Cars: 1979 Mazda RX7 - Manual 2012-present Brother and I found this rolling shell on the property of a guy we were towing a car for. Body was straight, and was missing the motor, gas tank, and seats. We decided to take it on as a project car and hooked it to the back of the truck for 75USD. Working as a restoration Project. Also, dig the idea of a Rotary Engine. 1981 Mazda RX7 2013-2014 Originally ment to be a secondary project. Ended up just pulling the tranny and motor, then selling the shell for the same price we bought it for. Free Engine and transmission. Score. Updated 15AUG14: Retired MR2, updated pictures and MPG tracker for the Fiero.
  17. Bonus points for Self Harmonizing.
  18. Some say, When they walk in formation, they look like a bunch of badasses. and their spears slice through the air so swiftly, that it actually bleeds. All we know is, They're called the Ordo Imperialis.
  19. Preorder stuff. Nice to see them include the PC in the whole deluxe retail pack thing with the extra stuff. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/preorder 60USD for Basic Digital 60USD for Basic Physical 80USD for Digital Deluxe (Play as imperial, Craft imperial, Get imperial horse, BFF Rings, and Mudcrab vanity pet) 100USD for Physical Deluxe (same as above +Physical goodies. Statue/book/map) ------------- Tho an interesting twist, for preorders, they're letting you play any race in any faction.
  20. Went blue as there was alot of green in my area. Havnt played it that much tho since I got it last year due to not alot of stuff in my area.
  21. 26 Seconds of Map Burning 22 Seconds of Logo, Release Date, and Website --- 48 seconds (~38%) of Non Gameplay 24 Seconds of people standing, pointing, walking, running around out of combat ---72 seconds (1 min 12 seconds or 57.6%), Over half the PVP video with non combat filler. There's about another 25 seconds of what I'd equate to stage fighting. It's a Commercial / Hype video. I, for one, am looking forward to an actual PVP video. Not so much burning maps.
  22. to be honest, the only thing that looked like actual PVP gameplay was the bit where the door fell down and the zerg ran through. Everything else was burning map and scripted 'walk as a group in this direction, then stand here and swing your weapon while we do close in shots of a random guy flinging a fireball or a bow' But I think they're in the hype building game at this point with the launch date announced.
  23. Guide

    Flash + Scout Radar (UPDATE: radar is no longer active when not in use.) (Flash With attached Scout Radar System) The Scout Radar system on the flash is possibly one of the most useful tools for small group and solo work. I use it a lot for late night base capping, and for solo/small group capping territory on the fringe away from the main zerg. The Scout Radar system is unique in the fact that it sends the detection information to all friendly units in the area, even while the flash is left sitting someplace and unmanned. IMO It is something that Everyone should have at least 1 point put into and equiped at all times when not using the Wraith system. --- (Equipment selection screen - Flash - Utility) Detection Range Starts at 25 Meters. Tiers are 25, 50, 75, and 100 Meters. Cert cost starts at 50, then increases to 100, 200, and tops at 500 for Tier 4. It uses the Utility slot on the Flash, the same that the smoke, Turbo, Fire Suppression, and the Cloaking device uses. --- Tactics. I typically Place the Flash between myself and the most probable direction the enemy is likely to come from. Most times that is the spawn room. I look for a spot that hostiles are likely to overlook or not go in their quest to try and clear me from their cap point. Since the flash is small, it will fit in buildings, and sometimes, that's a good place to stash it in behind some boxes. It mostly is a matter of the area you're working in that will determine where you place your Flash. For this example, I used North Grove Post on Amerish as It was the place I most recently used this tactic. The Spawn is the building to the North Placement of the Flash Flash is hidden by the box on one side, and obscured by the bush on the other. Hostiles are likely to miss seeing it from both sides of the building heading towards the cap point. With a Single point put into the Radar system, You get 25 Meters Radius (50M Diameter, 1936.5 square Meters, 65449.8 Cubic Meters!) You get a nice early warning and direction system for you and anyone around you. Here's an example of where hostiles will start showing up on your minimap from where I placed the Flash. Note the waypoint range on the screenshots. ^^ Going through the building to attack the from the west Side ^^ Going along the east Edge with a possible route of entering the south east of the capture building. Now I have 2 points put into the radar right now, so I have 50 meters to work with. That will cover the whole building that the Flash is parked next to, as well as all the way back to the cap point itself. Now, If you had max points put into the Radar, the range would probably cover the whole base, letting you know exactly where the hostiles are, how many, and where they're moving, and you'll know exactly where to go to ambush them before they get you. If you are running in a group, You can add a second or third flash and form a sensor net that can cover more ground!