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  1. Here is a little update of this old...very old gallery. I love Japan house, and planet on the sky....then why not made a peaceful moment combining the both ? />http://z1.zod.fr/z/a-peace-moment-by-steel123-v4fb.jpg i've allways whanted to do sort of military chibi, i think i will try with Ordo personnels />http://z1.zod.fr/z/little-soldiers-by-steel123-d32l-F4fb.jpg And here is a old project of draw about our old armor desing />http://z1.zod.fr/z/deiany-armor-by-steel123-d2zc1s3-H4fb.jpg My next project is to made a Ordo wallpaper with Ordo staff on it ! If you wanna have your character on it send meh you SL pictures ! (gime gime gime alot) And Maza and Bizcut, i haven't forgot you ! Your desing are ready and just need some color ! Have a nice day comrads.
  2. preparing his expedition to the land of croissant

  3. Welcome to the Ordo Imperialis, I hope you will enjoy your stay here :)
  4. welcome back dude :D

  5. Final exams ! Like a final round before....before the final win !

  6. I'm very sorry for the laste response and inactivity, i promise I'd be more active after my final exams i post here 3 new creations. The first is inspired from Killzone and the helgast, even if i initially didn't whant to draw like this. The second drawing is a cover for a comic project, where a band of humans will make a team with furries. The last draw is a little lineart, inspired from Ordo soldiers. I have at the same time trying to draw Maza I hope you will enjoy them I'm open to any request, you feel free to send me a message on the forum or contact me on the front line of the base...on the mate night
  7. i'm not very active on SL, so i would like to be a bit active here with an little uptade on my gallery. The titlle was inspirated by Zanndor...i can't explain why :x
  8. I update my gallery with a design to honor an old comrad and friend, but also a new rival of our large organisation. Woofie Khandr
  9. For a long time I did not post here. :( I offer you a little sketch of an urban assault, it's in black and white and ... yeah the guys on the draw are not all ordo. >_<
  10. all I can find to say is: Amasing !
  11. Ok then, send me a message so I know what's your preference
  12. hehe yes the only French patato of the Ordo ( for the meoment ), for serve you If I can make you happy,I would be honored to help, i have some free time at the moment.