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Kynnaria Merlin

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    Xfire ID - garion144 Linden Damage Combat, scripting, making friends, shenanigans and hooliganism, friendly debates, progress.
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    Richmond, Virginia, USA
  1. I'd buy.
  2. If the topic title didn't tip you off, I now have a spare bedroom. Plus a lazyboy. And a sofa. And a sleeping pad. So if you're ever in Central Virginia and need a place to crash, just toss me an IM or message me on the forums. Or, if you're the type to plan ahead (gasp), get my cell number before you leave.
  3. Been there, done that. A few times, actually. Working to save the next generation!
  4. I think you misunderstood who was confronting who. The senior NCO/NCOIC was the one doing the confronting. Also, as far as providing specific names and events, I can do so, just didn't see a need to publicly point fingers on the forums.
  5. I remember rather clearly when I went through Schola that my instructor stressed to speak up with ideas, or if you see something wrong. It didn't matter what rank you are, every idea, whether from a fresh out of Schola E1 or the Imperator himself, is worth considering. It's how we grow and change as a group. Lately, however, I've noticed people shifting away from this fundamental concept. Just today, on Ventrilo, I heard someone mention how they were IMed about a policy change that has come into effect recently, and they didn't know who it was. "I bet it was just some Numerii," the person said. Seriously guys? Policy is policy, whether a Numerii is pointing it out to you or not. (In this particular case, it wasn't a Numerii, it was a senior NCO and the NCOIC at the time.) I've also been receiving a lot of flak lately when trying to enforce other policies, even when standing in front of the person and IMing them. I IMed someone a few weeks back, I don't remember what it was about at the time, and the first thing they responded with was, "Oh, what rank are you again?" C'mon, guys, we're supposed to be better than that.
  6. Ok, so. Basically, what happened is this. A couple months back, I had a subscription fee for this account no go through on my card, and they froze the account til I paid it. On Monday, every single charge made to my account was denied for some reason. Bank doesn't know why. Had to go through and re-charge my insurance, burned through all the cash on hand I had in order to get some groceries, etc etc. It was a pain. Anyway, the subscription fee was one of the things that they tried to charge on Monday, and it still hasn't been charged. But my account's unfrozen now for some reason? Go figure.
  7. So after working all weekend, I go to log on yesterday and it won't log me in. After some looking into it, turns out my account is on hold. Hoping to get it resolved soon, but I'll have to figure something out for in the meantime.
  8. Working all weekend did not equal fun.

  9. D'aw, good luck with that, man.
  10. I lol'd.
  11. [22:02] Krow Ames: Chick from La Grange was hot, too. I was her side piece. [21:14] DaveyDarkStrider Oh: Does Kynnaria always talk this fast? [21:15] Aryte Vesperia: Yes. [21:15] Aryte Vesperia: Yes she does. [21:15] DaveyDarkStrider Oh: Seriously, my head is full of fuck right now [21:15] DaveyDarkStrider Oh: What do you feed these guys? [21:17] Aryte Vesperia: Kynnaria? Cocaine. [21:20] (COM): Maverick Garfield: Kynn looks like she could be Heather's little sister [21:21] (COM): Aryte Vesperia: On cocaine. [21:21] (COM): Kynnaria Merlin: ...that's a scary thought.
  12. Grats to those who got promoted/merits! Welcome to the grizzled, old vets club, Drasa.
  13. Thanks to Nrom for taking time out of studying for his test to give me my Astra Phase 1.
  14. I call her Vera. Assault rifle from the TV series Firefly. There's also several nifty weapons they use at the end of the movie Serenity, which was based on the series, that'd be nice to have. I know Cheeso made one of the, the 'Lux' Repeater, but it's pretty outdated.
  15. Dakka sphere. That is all.