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Alexi Ayres

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    I like Turtles.
  1. Welcome fella.
  2. Still waiting on getting a beta key for this.
  3. Anyone playing this?
  4. Welcome, that is a cool avatar.
  5. Is it me or whenever we have really amazing combat experiences, the memory I have of them are really "Epic" to the point where my imagination replays it back like "Saving Private Ryan" kind of action sequences. These memories transform simple pixelated avatars into characters of fluid motion embodied with a sense of urgency in an immersive environment where bullets wizz and crackle, grenades going off everywhere. From my perspective, I would remember myself running alongside the hills of an enemy base with rapid heartbeat while looking up and seeing Astra planes roaring above me. Gripping my rifle tightly for dear life while pulling its trigger towards a sea of opposing forces. I could hear the thunderous sounds of Ordo Legions sweep across the landscape and the cries of anguish from those that stand in its way.
  6. Awesome remix and flutes.
  7. Yeah the bunny is Alive!
  8. I want to play too and hopefully steam summer sales gets here soon.
  9. New forum theme allows me to blend in.

  10. Garlic Spinach Pizza!

  11. Learnt something today!.
  12. ooga booga
  13. Hey Buddehh ! Guadian of the night, you are the masked super hero that defends Titan at 4 am.
  14. Ghost. Appear and Disappear. Moving Everywhere.

  15. Snake Eyes [media]http://youtu.be/rAujkfxhxes