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Sykes Foxclaw

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  1. I'm gonna buy it, go home with it, and proceed to play through Gears 1 and 2 before I finish it off with gears 3.
  2. you must have some serious ADD if a singe sentence is tl:dr. Haha <3 Jestuuur
  3. How do I rainmeter
  4. Gears of War weapons. Second life is in desperate need of some good Lancers and Longshots. And Torquebows <3<3<3.
  5. Wait what happened.
  6. Keystone. Wanna join my Twilight fanclub? \o/

  7. Nice sniping. Mouse and keyboard be damned, lol.
  8. where is it anyway lol nvm
  9. Eeeeh. I like to hunker down in a secure location and provide area-denial/cover sniping for my teamates. Like sneak about and stuff. I know aggressive sniping like running around CQC style and quickscoping is the thing to do these days. But I dunno. =p Nice vids, nice skeels.
  10. http://www.midwinter.com/b5/Pictures/Characters/sinclair.jpg = Aryte
  11. It's a private video? Can't see it lol
  12. The fact that I can't be there as much as I like. ;_;
  13. Distorted or funny pictures and gif's I can understand, but murders and suicides? I thought we had more respect for the dead than that.
  14. =(