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  1. Would love to provide that. I'm not the best player, but I can get people started and making money well.
  2. Is there still much interest in this game? I've recently gotten back into it and moved into nullsec. I'm in a place called Providence, which is pretty much run by a bunch of allied alliances that are NRDS. :v
  3. P. sure this applies to me lol. Just read your list from forever ago. Had no idea I had 32 merits. x.x Thought I only had 30.
  4. I feel there will not be enough room for 30+ ribbons. Lol.
  5. Holycrapwow. I like it a lot! The widgets on the right too. Sidenote, I wonder for posting mine, but I don't know if it'd be seen as inappropriate. There's nothing lewd or suggestive or such, but furry stuff is... at best a black eye.
  6. So I got the game. And saw in MP (literally at the top of the server list) an Ordo Imperialis server... WOULD LIKE TO PLAY THERE IF IT EVER FINISHED CREATING.
  7. Of course, that is, after I got home from work at like ten at night.
  8. Aw, darn. I was playing. But most likely on my Vanu character. Lol. >.>
  9. No, I understand. I'm not expecting any huge exodus are filling up a server with just Ordo players. That's a bit ridonculous. Just if it had not been done, I was hoping to do it. All the same. Do I have to make a new soldier to use the platoon tag? Or does MOH apply it in game automatically somehow?
  10. Damn. Really thought I had a chance to make something lol. Well I applied to join both platoons. Pretty please accept me? <:D Edit: Btw, is there a way to add the tag to your name in MOH without having to make a new soldier? I think you still can do that for BF3 through the website, though.
  11. Would I be allowed to make a platoon for MOHWF? I know some people have it and play it. If I do, is there any specific uh... structure I need to apply? As far as like name, etc?
  12. All these important meetings and I'm stuck making food for cheapskate people. v.v
  13. Is there more than one Ordo Imperialis group on steam? I am in the main group. But do I need to do anything to associate myself to Ordo in games like BF3, MOHWF, SWTOR, etc?
  14. It's too late, too late for me.

  15. Can't view the video/thingyouposted. :c