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  1. [20:44:19] Hollowmengitus Yifu: i bet [20:44:23] Hollowmengitus Yifu: the rest of them [20:44:23] Hollowmengitus Yifu: fap [20:45:41] Aphotic Creed (ruin.nefarious): yesss [20:45:43] Aphotic Creed (ruin.nefarious): so good [20:45:47] Aphotic Creed (ruin.nefarious): so BUENO
  2. I messed around in the beta and had tons of fun being a border agent. Pre-purchased.
  3. >http://youtu.be/4TIjL7yq8oY
  4. i want one :(
  5. [21:36:26] Hollowmengitus Yifu: jesus Ffffing christ there are MORE pony sims now? [21:36:35] Imperious (aryte.vesperia): Yep. lmao. [21:36:47] Hollowmengitus Yifu: it's as big as COLA [21:36:54] Hollowmengitus Yifu: which was big, in 2010 [21:37:35] Imperious (aryte.vesperia): Less herm demon monsters. [21:38:04] Hollowmengitus Yifu: NOT IN IMS [21:38:06] Hollowmengitus Yifu: HUEHUEHHUE [21:38:31] Imperious (aryte.vesperia): ... [21:38:35] Imperious (aryte.vesperia): D: <insert gross ass sexual shit about hermaphrodite ponies> [21:40:09] Imperious (aryte.vesperia): what [21:40:11] Imperious (aryte.vesperia): NO HOLLOW NO [21:41:17] Hollowmengitus Yifu: the kids at school DON'T UNDERSTAND ME THEY ARE SO DUMB. i like vampires and think bella is Ffffing hawt. [21:41:42] Imperious (aryte.vesperia): quotes of win [21:42:52] Hollowmengitus Yifu: bronies are the only community that accepts me, i have aspergers btw don't like oh well i am superior.
  6. "Here on Tool Time tonight, folks, we have a special treat! Can you guess what it is? It was featured in the space epic, Star Wars... A droid? No, no, guess again!... A blaster? No! Even better, we're gonna learn to build a Jed-eye light saber; one you can build in your own home with tools you can buy from the local hardware store!" -- I may or may not have spent a good chunk of my childhood watching that show...
  7. shoutbox is crying from the number of posts.
  8. 1000 was an overstatement. But, look at this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883229362 That's 500, everything new, with warranty. Your CPU is pretty shitty, I won't lie; especially when quad core+ CPUs are the norm, now. DDR3 is also the new standard for RAM, so.. edit: buying a new GPU and not using it to it's full-potential is p. dumb.
  9. You should all feel Ffffing stupid, as none of you actually looked at his motherboard specifications before rattling off some GPU reccomendations. From a simple Google search, I found this out about his motherboard: PCI-Ex16 2 PCI-E Gen Gen1 (1x16, 1x4) PCI-Ex1 2 What's that mean? His PCI-Express, the place where you slap the card in, is 1.0. The 650 is a 3.0 card. 3.0 hardware is back compatible, yeah. But for every difference in type, you loose at minimum half of your performance by default. That 650? It's running at 25%, estimated, of it's maximum capacity. -- Tsume, save up cash or get a loan for 1000$ and buy a pre-built comp and slap the GPU in when it arrives.
  10. Bro, I feel your pain. My skull was actually off the charts as a fetus, in ultra sounds and stuff. My Mother was in labor for over 24 hours, to give you an idea of just how difficult it was for both my Mother and her doctors.
  11. Try Windows Live, Xoza. For Firefox.
  12. That's what every single account involved with the alliances is doing, right now.