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  2. Well. I was in Elementary school within Canada, and I remember my class or whatever being in the Library -- the news was on, but this was before it had happened; so maybe 20 minutes went by and then I recall hearing the librarian gasp pretty audibly. Then we all sat down and watched it as it happened, in nothing but pure silence. It was pretty shocking to us all at the time because we had never witnessed something like that happen, it was beyond terrible. A few hours went by and the school Principal came up on the P.A. system and dismissed us from school after a few additional moments of silence.
  3. Hahaha. That is so good.
  4. I would be scared to land in an airport like that. Aircraft would be dodging all of the skyscrapers and nose-diving. Rofl. Or the inverse!
  5. Aw. How cute, Tsuki.
  6. Yeah, I love when they do it. It's for a tremendous cause, and as such I always feel morally obligated to donate some money each year -- the amount of work the guy goes through to set it up for everyone to see (and use) is phenomenal.
  7. Source: http://www.komar.org/cgi-bin/christmas_webcam Operation: Ordo Imperialis Christmas Outreach Outcome: Successful
  8. don't play these games with Afevis... he'll blow your shit up. Legit.
  9. I no longer have 1337 QP points :(
  10. Son. I am disappoint. Karl, I agree.
  11. /s
  13. boobs
  14. My buddy and I saw one of those, Dis. My buddy kicked them and it was pretty cool because they were hooked up to the horn. Every kick = honk. Lol.