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  1. [23:14] Radio: (Harmony Chun) Nice entrance Wezab ;) [23:14] Radio: (Wezab Ember) Im not naked again am i? [23:14] Radio: (Stealth Buccaneer) yes totally naked
  2. The idea of an Arena would be nice. A smaller area that Lone Wolves could choose to take part in when we have no other attackers. They could choose to challenge different members of the defense line if they like rather than have them run up against a large defense line. I know it seems like a catering to Lone wolves but combat is combat. And cheering on our comrades would be good fun. Possibly have a small objective like a couple of flags in it or just one in the center. Ordo could use it as a Killhouse too.
  3. Tactica has Pathfinder, IEA has Instructor. Not sure if Curia has anything though unless Crown of the Preserver counts to that.
  4. Currently I am the IEA 2IC and the Tactica CO. So I hold two positions in the Ordo Imperialis. I was placed into these roles because when I started in the Ordo well over a year ago I took up the roles as Tactica Personnel and Schola instructor. Over the year I was given more and more ability as people came and went from the division. In the IEA I was chosen for the Schola Director / recruiter role as E-7 and at the same time, put into the Tactica XO role under Ron Bleac. Ron had other work he needed to do and stepped out of the CO role putting me into that role. When the time came to assign a 2IC to help get the IEA streamlined, I was asked if I could handle both the CO of Tactica and the XO if the IEA. I took the position offered because Zero felt I was the most able to do the work and very active in the IEA as it was. No one else wanted those two positions and I did. Thus I was placed into both command positions and I continue to lead them. Like Agares said it's a matter of finding people that want to take command roles not just trying to spread the roles out among many different people. Also Extracurricular positions like Tactica, IEA, Curia and so on are not part of the Terra or Astra chain of command. Even though my current E-8 rank is set, I still take orders from my XO whom outranks me (Burrwolf) because regardless of rank, he is my commander in Terra. If someone wants to and is qualified for multiple roles, they should be able to take them. Especially when at the time no one wants them. If you want to progress your way up there is no better way to do it than to work within the posts you have already and continue that work hard and diligently. A prime example of this is Kyra Vixen whom started off as a Tactica staff under me. When she showed her willingness to work in Tactica, she was placed in as the Adjutant. A few months after that, Huttser took on the role of Cohors A Adjutant and felt he was spreading himself out too thin and bowed out of the Tactica XO post which then went to Kyra. As another example of moving up in position is Typhon Perun. Typhon started out as Cohors C CO and later took up the role of Cohors BG Adjutant, holding both positions. He left as the Cohors C CO and now took up the Armatura Director. When Zero and I looked at the list of canidates for the Armatura Director role we only had a couple of people to pick from. Typhon was the most qualified and the most senior person in the IEA at the time. The post was offered to him after weighing in the options of seniority and ability. Typhon had both and at the time the other personnel in the IEA were too green to the group or only slightly active. In the end, it comes down to activity and ability. If you have the ability but not the activity you won't get the command role. If you have the ability but it is not felt you will be active enough because of other commitments, you would not get the role. If you have the activity but have no experience in command or haven't shown outstanding ability to perform the role you are trying for, you will not get the post. In the end there really is nothing wrong with one person taking up two roles here and there as long as they are not sacrificing work in one to keep a moderate function in the other.
  5. [11:47] Nohime Halcali (nohime.runner): i have the greatest weapon ever! [11:47] Nohime Halcali (nohime.runner): its a stcik, with a piece of dynamite attached to it....you whack people with it, and sometimes it randomly goes boom
  6. [15:52] Marcellus Alter (sircorn.alter): I discovered a major problem in our Spanish rules translation. [15:52] Marcellus Alter (sircorn.alter): 'Breaching' is translated to 'violacion'... but this more commonly means 'rape' [15:53] Corsi DeAllura (corsi.mousehold): Raping through the walls is allowed? [15:53] Zrazor Rozenstrauch: O.o [15:53] Marcellus Alter (sircorn.alter): Only horizontally [15:53] Corsi DeAllura (corsi.mousehold): XD [15:54] Marcellus Alter (sircorn.alter): I tliterally reads, "rape can only be done in a horizontal movement, and the distance cannot exceen 5 meters" [15:54] Corsi DeAllura (corsi.mousehold): Yeah that's going to quotes of win.
  7. [22:16] Maritanouuu Arna: Hey uh [22:16] Maritanouuu Arna: This is an odd thing to ask, but. [22:16] Maritanouuu Arna: Is it true that you guys have drop-pods? [22:16] Corsi Mousehold: That is correct [22:16] Maritanouuu Arna: Oh man, I'd love to see one of those. [22:16] Maritanouuu Arna: Ah well. Anywho! [22:16] Maritanouuu Arna wishes luck. [22:20] Corsi Mousehold: Well would you like to see one? [22:21] Maritanouuu Arna stops acting like an adult, hops up and down and claps hands. [22:21] Maritanouuu Arna: Yisyisyisyisyis. [22:21] Corsi Mousehold: Okay. Come on out to the est of the building. [22:22] Corsi Mousehold: Okay [22:22] Corsi Mousehold: Wait there. [22:22] Maritanouuu Arna is out! [22:22] Maritanouuu Arna: Right-o. [22:22] Maritanouuu Arna: That doesn't look like a drop-pod! [22:22] Maritanouuu Arna: That looks like a furry with a knife! [22:23] Corsi Mousehold: That's what happens after a drop pod. [22:23] Maritanouuu Arna: Granted, I've not seen TOO many drop-pods, but I'm pretty sure they aren't! [22:23] Corsi Mousehold: He landed in one.
  8. Sometimes Mercury is too well timed..... [23:17] (COM): Corsi Mousehold: SOmeone take it. I am going to bed. [23:19] (COM): Ice Karsin: I'll take it. [23:19] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: ha [23:19] (COM): Ice Karsin: FUCK YOU MERCURY I'M SERIOUS
  9. [21:38] Corsi Mousehold: They had Shark Sushi. [21:40] Aryte Vesperia: >:[ [21:40] Corsi Mousehold: :) [21:40] Corsi Mousehold: So many jokes. So little time.
  10. ~ORDO IMPERIALIS~ OFFICIAL DOCUMENT <=====================Extend to this length=========================> <===========================================================> **********Meeting Report********** NAME/RANK/DIVISION: Corsi Mousehold | E-8; Praepositus | Antesignani ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DATE: 12MAR11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBJECT: Main weekly meeting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUMMARY: Lots of stuff going on. Keep reading ============================================================ CHAT LOG: Meeting Opener [18:00] Aryte Vesperia shouts: Obligatory starter, as always: welcome to this week’s meeting. Per the norm, please be certain to hold all questions and comments until provided the opportunity to speak. Interruptions will result in dismissal from the gathering. When you are provided the chance to speak, be sure to /shout/ your comments or questions—otherwise the recorder may not hear you. Thank you: let’s get to it. Imperator's Report [18:00] Aryte Vesperia: Statistics Members: 314 (Inactive purge as of 09MAR11) Cadets: 20 Applications New: 11 Accepted: 2 Denied: 8 Review: 1 Combat Defensive: (System modified for accuracy . . so data prior to 10MAR11 lost – but since then, 52 attacks!) Offensive: 15 Allied Assist: 0 Diplomatic Report [18:01] Aryte Vesperia: Diplomatic report this week: [18:01] Aryte Vesperia: Generally low volume of external interaction. Some odd calm after the dissolution of the IS; work is underway from our side to create stronger bonds with other organizations. Thus far, we have seen huge successes. Currently, in the design and implementation stages of establishing the RCU colony with former SK. Abroad, the Merczateers managed to get themselves blockaded by 2142. Divisional Reports [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: Unit reports this evening? [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Wolfstein. Terra [18:02] SoulBinder Wolfstein shouts: From Burrwolf for Antesignani: Quiet week for Antesig: Continuing to work with the XCR and the issues with the MASS version. We will be ramping up training with the new Tyrant, in a manner reflecting Mechanized Infantry. We have a new XO in training wheels! Please welcome BurrWolf Qin as A-2’s new XO! (Gods help us all) we currently have 3 slots open so if you’re interested please IM the Original Fennec (Teron) or the Black Sergal. [18:02] SoulBinder Wolfstein shouts: From Afevis for Insidiae: This week was a slower week for the squad, mostly I blame people's hangovers and stuff from Marti Gras. Looking at getting back on the charts this following week however, we already have a couple of events planned! :] [18:03] SoulBinder Wolfstein shouts: From Kastrenzo for Invictus: More active week for Invictus this time around, we had two smaller scale late night squad raids, although no proper training exercises were held, this was remedied by the two Invictus deployments. The MCR models are complete and final scripting is pending. On a bit of another note, I and the rest of Invictus would like to congratulate Kiwi and his family as he has recently become an Uncle, so in the meantime I have taken up some of his responsibilities so he may tend a bit to that. I would also like to inform everyone that Invictus currently has four (4) openings and we are actively recruiting! So If you are interested please don't hold your tongue, we may come to you, but it helps your chances all the better if you come to us first. If you'd like to seek membership contact Kastrenzo Benelli or Eriksson Foxtrot. [18:03] SoulBinder Wolfstein shouts: From Thatguy for Cohors B: More activity this week as new cadets come in as well as old members appear out of the dark void known as "Inactivity". The Cohors B XO spot is open, though I won't be too quick as to filling it. Other than that, more PRF's here and everything in order. Hope to see activity continue to rise as this next week comes up. [18:03] SoulBinder Wolfstein shouts: This concludes the various reports from Terra. Astra [18:04] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you! Next? [18:04] Ethan Schuman raises his hand for Astra. [18:04] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Schuman. [18:04] Ethan Schuman: Thank you. Things are going well with Astra this week. It's great to be back in command of such quality people. A couple of our pilots squared off against 2142 pilots in a scheduled event, and all participants greatly enjoyed themselves. Expect more of these instances in the future, and perhaps some unscheduled ones as well. Our ties with 2142's air force have been weak for some time now, but I assure you this will change in a positive manner. Joint activity helps both of our groups, and this will be pursued. Astra as a whole have not had many organized official activities due to other commitments and Praetorian trials, but many of our members have been going on raids and participating in other Ordo combat actions. We'll be shaking up the nest this week, with a high emphasis on Astra specific activities. Our acting tactical squadron commanders will be responsible for assuring increased combat, and Rei likes to dress up as a french maid with a bull whip, so flight leaders beware. [18:05] Ethan Schuman: I want to talk about training for a bit. As you all are aware, I appointed Zerowinged Vasiliev to head up Palaestra, and he chose Sebris as his XO. Zerowinged is away at some wedding thing and will be gone until... Monday, I think? Until he returns, I've ordered Sebris to get as many people through their basic flight training as possible. When Zerowinged gets back and has everything in order, Palaestra will begin its expanded responsibility of ensuring quality training for all of Astra. I know he has a few ideas in mind, but his instruction style has always included lots of both hands on training and creativity, so training will actually be fun for a change. Another aspect of training we will be implementing at some point (at Aryte's approval) is the development of an advanced plane rezzer that Palaestra instructors can unlock, allowing non-Astra to fly during our training events, thus giving us more people to fight as well as flight styles different from our own. I'm really looking forward to this aspect. [18:05] Ethan Schuman: The last thing I want to talk about is Reserves and Activities. I've had a couple people approach me about it, so I want to elaborate upon R&A's purpose. R&A is tasked with two things: 1) Managing the reserves roster and making active attempts to get members who have lost touch with Ordo to come back and hang out with us, and 2) Coming up with methods to keep the interest and morale of existing members high. This responsiblity may seem simple, but in actuality is very important. I'm still looking for people to organize this, so come give me or Nikki your ideas! We'd love to hear them. [18:05] Ethan Schuman: ...I just realized I didn't shout any of that. Did everyone hear? [18:06] Ethan Schuman shouts: Okay. Good. DERP. [18:06] Tatyana Kiznetsova (kaska.czarny) heard. [18:06] Drasamax Python: nope [18:07] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you, Mr. Schuman. [18:07] Aryte Vesperia: Additional reports this evening? [18:08] Aryte Vesperia: Final call. [18:08] Aryte Vesperia: Excellent. Moving on: Keynote Topics [18:09] Aryte Vesperia: > ART System: Complete [18:10] Aryte Vesperia: After a long haul of development, the fundamental skeleton and material outline for the Achievement Rating Tiers system is complete. Overall, when time allows, I definitely want to essentially re-write the materials themselves—a portion of it is referenced material, adapted for SL use. Although “good” reference material, it is far preferable to se an entirely original write up. Perhaps that is more so my OCD then anything else, but . . . well, you know how it goes. [18:11] Aryte Vesperia: For those who do not recall: the ART system will primarily be a hands-on program: it will focus on honing combat skills, teamwork, and the use of fire teams. All that is left now is to implement and start troubleshooting the program. [18:12] Aryte Vesperia: Although I am certain that I will regret making this commitment a few weeks from now . . . after careful consideration and review of the materials, I have decided that I will personally pilot the ART for the foreseeable future. It will certainly be challenging for me to find the time to do so, however I believe that I can routinely section off two blocks of time during the week. [18:14] Aryte Vesperia: Consistently, there will be an ART session every Sunday. The exact time has not yet been called, however it is probable that it will be sometime around 5:00 PM SLT. I apologize for the lateness if you’re across the pond, but Sunday is usually littered with meetings for me. The second session will alternate based upon my day off from work. Currently, that seems to alternate between Tuesday and Wednesday. The alternating session time will be early day, in order to accommodate folks in different time zones. [18:16] Aryte Vesperia: The upside of hosting the ART is it allows me to also use the time to get my weekly raids in and utilize them as an educational period. Additionally, it will give me the opportunity to make real-time adjustments so that the final product can be administered by any graduate. The down side is, well, it should be amusing to try to balance this on top of everything else. Haha! BUT I WILL. I CAN DO IT. [18:17] Aryte Vesperia: In closing: a special thank you to the contributors to the ART—Ron Bleac, Hollomengitus Yifu, and everyone else who gave feedback. If everything proceeds as planned, I will post a final time this week and begin running courses as of next Sunday. [18:18] Aryte Vesperia: Next up. [18:18] Aryte Vesperia: > Update / General Development [18:19] Aryte Vesperia: Development over the last week has been progressive. I am pretty impressed with all the accomplishments to report. [18:19] Aryte Vesperia: First up, the big one: the power armor has been completely modeled and is in the texturing stage. Thus far, it looks absolutely amazing. There should be a copy down in the build zone for your viewing pleasure. It is a very aggressive build, with a Roman appeal. Disembodied is actually down there currently, slaving away (or afk playing SC2, one of those). [18:20] Aryte Vesperia: The faceplate kind of reminds me of Cobra Commander, now that I think of it. [18:20] Aryte Vesperia: That's even more awesome. [18:20] Aryte Vesperia: The Tyrant has been issued and is in the vendor for distribution and unlock. If you have previously unlocked a tank, the Tyrant is automatically available for you. If you intend to unlock the Tyrant, you can do so for 300 QP. Please keep in mind that unlocking the Tyrant does require that you enroll in armored training. [18:21] Aryte Vesperia: (That QP # is subject to change . . either which way, so I warn you!) [18:22] Aryte Vesperia: Progress on the new HUD appears to be solid. The integrated COMs are great – the new features (such as reporting location automatically with speech) are pretty awesome. Additionally, work is well underway in integrating the device with our objectives. That includes point to point teleporters. Thank you to everyone involved in this project! It is a huge undertaking. [18:23] Aryte Vesperia: Point to point teleporters based upon who controls what objective, that is. [18:23] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Keller has been without internet, compliments of a bad ISP. However, due to this, he has had the opportunity to focus on his builds. As I understand, he has completed . . . four, five weapons over the last couple of days. [18:24] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Scarlet has hammered out an absolutely gorgeous 1911. I . . . haven’t the foggiest what it will be for just yet, however it begs use for something particularly epic. [18:24] Aryte Vesperia: (One version of the holster is on my hip.) [18:25] William D Massiel (dragon.massiel): ! [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: Questions before we move on? [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: Yes, Tsume is doing lots too. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: But that's kind of a given. HE always is. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: He is rad. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: Any questions otherwise? [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: Excellent. Movin' on: [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: > Raids [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: With our current NCO and officer core, there is really no reason why the Ordo can’t meet and exceed our daily goal of three raids and one training per day. I largely feel that any laxity in that department is likely based upon simple reluctance or misunderstanding. So, allow me to reiterate our basic raid policy and underline some key points. [18:30] Steeltael Lykin raises paw [18:30] Markus Karlfeldt (mark.karlfeldt) raises haaaaaaand. [18:31] Aryte Vesperia: Officers better know what is expected of them, so I will focus on the NCO level: NCOs may attack any target listed as an “NCO” target, simply by asking the permission of an officer beforehand. NCOs may attack any target listed as officer or Imperator level with the permission of the Imperator. [18:32] Aryte Vesperia: To clarify, unless you’re an E-8, yes, you do need to ask before taking a raid out—even on an NCO target. Asking permission . . . really isn’t hard at all. It is simply getting a second look from a more experienced commander, in order to give you a “go to” person in case something goes wrong. This is intended to boost NCO confidence, not hinder it. You’re more than welcome to ask me directly. [18:33] Aryte Vesperia: Not an NCO and still want to give a shot at a raid leadership? You’re welcome to try—simply ask me. [18:34] Aryte Vesperia: Although a number of targets are “rated” as officer targets, that shouldn’t discourage anyone from giving it a shot. All it requires is that officer accepting the responsibility for the success of the raid—that way, if you experience difficulties as an NCO, the officer can step in. [18:35] Aryte Vesperia: I definitely understand the anxiety behind raid leadership. It is an active, challenging experience at time. But it is a challenge that anyone can master with practice. If at any time you want tips, assistance, education about raid leadership (etc), you need only give me a nudge. [18:35] Aryte Vesperia: Questions thus far? [18:35] Steeltael Lykin raises paw [18:36] Markus Karlfeldt (mark.karlfeldt) does thusly also [18:36] Aryte Vesperia: Lykin? [18:36] Steeltael Lykin shouts: In the case of Praepositus targets, or E-8+ only targets. Would it make more sense to simply roll them up for inclusion with NCO targets? [18:37] Aryte Vesperia: .. mm, they essentially are. NCO can engage them with the same level of permission as they can an NCO target: by asking an officer. [18:38] Aryte Vesperia: The difference is, an E-8 doesn't have to ask that permission, so we classified them down as "their level." [18:38] Corsi DeAllura (corsi.mousehold) raises his hand to add to that? [18:38] Aryte Vesperia: Mousehold? [18:40] Corsi DeAllura (corsi.mousehold) shouts: Alot of the E-8 targets were placed there as they are pretty much on the border of NCO or Officer. Since they are on that edge of not being too much of a stressful or politically secure target but not something you want to just run in and take too lightly. [18:40] Aryte Vesperia: Indeedly do. [18:40] Aryte Vesperia: Sir Markus Karlfeldt? [18:42] Sir Markus Karlfeldt (mark.karlfeldt): Adding onto the addition that Corsi added to the previous statement, I personally feel that a significant part of the reason why raids are lacking is because, well, NCO targets are all boring. And I know that the option for an NCO to raid a higher-level target is available, but I can count on one hand the number of times that has happened, and can count on the other hand the number of times it's been turned down. [18:44] Sir Markus Karlfeldt (mark.karlfeldt): If you're waiting for me to say something more, that's all I have to say. [18:44] Aryte Vesperia: The request is fairly rare -- and, at the times that they were declined, at least from me, it was typically something silly. I haven't any objection to NCO's taking a stab at "harder" targets. [18:45] Aryte Vesperia: As Dempster IM'd me: http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/701/aprilraidschedule.jpg [18:45] Sir Markus Karlfeldt (mark.karlfeldt): Pretty fuckin' much, Demp. [18:45] Aryte Vesperia: Hahah. [18:45] Aryte Vesperia: Moving on: [18:46] Aryte Vesperia: > ZT Period [18:46] Aryte Vesperia: Per our normal routine, we will be entering a zero tolerance period for the next seven calendar days. It will expire on 19MAR11. For those of you who are newer: a zero tolerance period is essentially a semi-routine implementation of strict observance to our standard regulations. In short, during a ZT period, any disciplinary offense will be treated at its highest level. The purpose of these spurts are simply to reinforce and underline discipline – if you stick around, you’ll notice that these come and go at random. [18:47] Aryte Vesperia: In short: keep doing what you’re doing, and there’s nothing to worry about. Just, behave. [18:47] Aryte Vesperia: In other news . . taking bets on how long it takes for Bracket to get e jected. [18:47] Aryte Vesperia: (JUST KIDDING) [18:47] Almighty Bracket (bracket.crowley): It was fun while it lasted sir, I'll miss you. [18:47] Kisho (kishoshima.dragonash): lol [18:47] Aryte Vesperia: You'll all be fine. It's not that scary. [18:48] Rowling (arokh.takakura): >:D [18:48] Aryte Vesperia: That saaaaid. Promotions will be up tomorrow morning. After meeting raid . . I believe Huttser is already on it. [18:48] Aryte Vesperia: So. Dismissed. Have a good night. [18:48] Aryte Vesperia: AND SUCH. [18:48] Aryte Vesperia snaps his fist to his chest, presenting a brief salute.
  11. [09:59] Radio: (Agares Tretiak) ...please tell me you're not hear to molest me? [09:59] Radio: (Agares Tretiak) I'd be very angry.
  12. ~ORDO IMPERIALIS~ OFFICIAL DOCUMENT <=====================Extend to this length=========================> <===========================================================> **********Meeting Report********** NAME/RANK/DIVISION: Corsi Mousehold | E-8; Praepositus | Antesignani ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DATE: 05MAR11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBJECT: Main weekly meeting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUMMARY: Lots of stuff going on. Keep reading ============================================================ CHAT LOG: Meeting Opener [18:00] Aryte Vesperia shouts: Obligatory starter, as always: welcome to this week’s meeting. Per the norm, please be certain to hold all questions and comments until provided the opportunity to speak. Interruptions will result in dismissal from the gathering. When you are provided the chance to speak, be sure to /shout/ your comments or questions—otherwise the recorder may not hear you. Thank you: let’s get to it. Imperator's Report [18:01] Aryte Vesperia: Statistics Members: 322 Cadets: 16 Applications New: 13 Accepted: 3 Denied: 7 Review: 3 Combat Defensive: 251 Offensive: 16 Allied Assist: 0 Diplomatic Report [18:01] Aryte Vesperia: Diplomatic matters this week: [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: Early on, we announced a combat suspension against Grim Troops to review matters pertaining to abuses committed by the organization. After a discussion with their leader and a reassurance that matters will persist in a civil manner, the suspension has been raised. [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: As such, combat will continue with Grim Troops. Expect their usual early morning assaults. Divisional Reports [18:03] Aryte Vesperia: Unit reports this evening? [18:03] Ethan Schuman raises his hand for Astra. [18:03] FireFox Breed rises his paw, wanting attention. [18:03] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Schuman. Astra [18:03] Ethan Schuman: Tonight, I have one sad note to start off with. Praefectus Normandy has had complications arise, and thus has decided to step down. As much as this saddens me, it is a loss for Astra as a whole. However, we will carry on and do what we do best. We will continue to be better than Ter... err, rule the skies and terrorize the ground from above. Activity should be picking up, as 2142 is reportedly working on their air force, CATI's new sim will welcome air combat, Erebus is reorganizing, and there is supposedly a new group in the foundation stages dedicated solely to air combat. Let's cross our fingers. On the subject of activity, Astra's mission role will be expanding, and with it, our armory. Astra will see more action on the ground, and we will have equipment designed to help us with this. The first and most notable item is a hybrid mech thingy that is capable of combat both in the air and on the ground. The exact specifications have yet to be decided upon, but you can consider this as official confirmation t [18:03] Ethan Schuman: hat the project is going forward. [18:03] Ethan Schuman: Praetorian trials are still in progress, so that's taking a toll on activity. Yet in spite of this, candidates are still actively participating in both defensive and offensive activities. The class as a whole is very promising, and I'm confident that once the trials have completed, we'll only be better off for it. [18:04] Ethan Schuman: That's all from Astra for this week. Terra [18:04] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you, Mr. Schuman. Mr. Breed? [18:05] FireFox Breed: From Teron for Antesignani: Fairly quiet week for Antesignani, raid activity was stable but no real notable events to mention. We do still have positions available, so if you are interested in A-II you can ask me, or any member infact, of how we do things. That concludes the rather brief report from Ante this week. [18:05] FireFox Breed: From Afevis for Insidiae: Whats up world?! Think we got those raids in by being slow? We got them cause we're fast~! Think we pinned Erebus in their base again by being slow? We did it cause we're fast~! Operation Vroom Vroom was a great success, and we did it cause we're fast~! In a more serious note however, We're still at the top of the list for this weeks activity, a feet that not only displays the success of our great CO, Krow Ames, but the dedication of each and every member of Insidiae to make this squad into the best it can be. Hats off to you guys, good work. :] [18:05] FireFox Breed: From Kastrenzo for Invictus: Both a week of ups and downs for invictus this week, Firsly I and the rest of invictus would like to welcome Sambakza Resident to A-I, And wish her a long and prosperous career with us, Finally some new information on the MCR Variants other than "they're being worked on" for once. they should be finished within the week and issued In about 10 days or so. On the flipside we have had limited deployment activity due to a lot of bad timing, Often times there simply wasnt any valid targets! A training was held on the 28th however, and We look forward to doing it again soon. There are currentley 2 slots open in Invictus, As always if you wish to put your hat in the ring, Contact Eriksson Foxtrot or Kastrenzo Benelli. This concludes the weekly Report for Invictus. [18:05] FireFox Breed: From Thaguy for Cohors B: Nothing much to note besides PRF's in with activity rising. Cohors B meets and trainings are continuing to procede. I will be speaking with the Cohors B CO's tonight to go over a few things. Cohors A and Cohors B trainings will halt for now until further discussed with Keller and Firefox. Hoping to see activity rise next week along with the other Centuries to follow in with logos. [18:05] FireFox Breed: That is all for Terra [18:06] Aryte Vesperia: Excellent. Thank you. Additional reports this evening? [18:06] Kyra DeAllura Kitsune (kyra.vixen) raises a paw for Tactica. Tacica [18:06] Aryte Vesperia: Ms. Vixen? [18:07] Kyra DeAllura Kitsune (kyra.vixen): From Corsi for Tactica: "Another big week. A whopping Four bases have closed their doors this week. Unfortunately that is leaving NCO's with only three places to assault as all four were NCO targets, and only eighteen groups in total to assault. Four of which are rebuilding. Two assaults have gone out to Coalition Order this week to get a very good feel for how they do combat. There have been updates to Tactica policy when it comes to presence and more detail on what information can be shared with other groups. As a rule of thumb, if you are asked about something when it comes to Ordo gear or Ordo regulations, direct the person asking you to an officer or Tactica Command and do not try and answer yourself. To leave off on a positive note, Marcus Tinamou has joined Tactica, filling our roster of fifteen. With almost all reports finished and filed again, the team will be focusing again on general day to day strategic reports. That is all this week for Tactica." [18:07] Aryte Vesperia: To clarify: direct them to Ordo officers. Munitorum [18:09] Anlysia Gregoire: Ahmigawd Munitorum update (so professional): Work on the new HUD is continuing. We probably have half of the mini-tasks that encompasses done. COMs and replacement Radio are roughly complete; Morh has objectives mostly-done (you can see them in the Build area); TPs are effectively done (FireFox stop AIMing me fuck off)... [continued] [18:10] Anlysia Gregoire: ...Keller is working on the models for grenades/barricade/etc, as well as some fancy new guns for Ordo and for TI. Disembodied gave us a little preview of fancy mechanized armour today that was pretty hawt. In the next week or two we're going to be (I'm going to be) trying to rough together a beta HUD we can play with and attempt to break while things get finished. Look forward to it, damn you. [done] [18:11] Anlysia Gregoire: Oh and Chronus is nearly done. I forgot. Stell chastized me. [18:11] Anlysia Gregoire: Steel. Derp. Hokusai and Acheron were helping. [18:11] Anlysia Gregoire: (Go test it out.) [18:12] Anlysia Gregoire: (If you have a small raid and nowhere to go, go test Chronus in team, damn you.) [18:13] Aryte Vesperia: Anything further, Ms. Gregoire? [18:13] Anlysia Gregoire: Vote for me for Prime Minister of Oklahoma. [18:13] Aryte Vesperia: I support this. [18:14] Aryte Vesperia: Any final reports this evening? [18:14] Aryte Vesperia: All righty, moving right along. [18:14] Remington (sol.cult) raises his hand Keynote Topics [18:14] Aryte Vesperia: Several topics to ramble about this evening. So bear with me. [18:15] Aryte Vesperia: First of which, a bit of a sad announcement to make. Nrom Normandy has been forced to step back as the head of Astra on account of some . . well, actually good news offline. So major kudos to him, however his leadership will definitely be missed. [18:16] Anlysia Gregoire: (If you paid better this wouldn't happen.) [18:17] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Schuman has been tapped as his replacement and will assume responsibility of the division, effective immediately. Mr. Schuman has handled the role of Astra leader in the past and has a very long history of service with the Ordo. [18:17] Aryte Vesperia: I have the utmost confidence in his capabilities and look forward to his leadership of the division. [18:17] Aryte Vesperia: Anything you would like to add before we move on, Praefectus Schuman? [18:18] Ethan Schuman: Actually, yes. Shall I approach the platform, or just speak here? [18:18] Aryte Vesperia: You may approach. [18:19] Ethan Schuman: Thank you. Normally, this would be the point where one would have a giant, long-winded acceptance speech promising a better future for the Ordo blah blah blah typed out in advance. [18:20] Ethan Schuman: I'm not going to do that. I'll be brief. This is not the first time I've been in this position. Those of you who were around in the days of Navis (I TOLD YOU WE'D BE BACK) will remember that I place a high priority on a high quality experience within the Ordo for those under my command. [18:22] Ethan Schuman: Those of you who were around for Navis will also remember that we faced a situation similar to the one that we faced now. The community has largely begun to shun air combat, leaving us in a bad place. We are the best in the skies, hands down. There is no one who can compete with us. [18:22] Maverick Garfield: (can you shout) [18:23] Ethan Schuman: (Sorry.) But I can tell you with the utmost confidence that each and every one of you is not only going to be able to say that you are glad to be a member of Astra, but are able to take pride as something of prestige over others. [18:23] Ethan Schuman: [18:23] Ethan Schuman: (Sorry.) But I can tell you with the utmost confidence that each and every one of you is not only going to be able to say that you are glad to be a member of Astra, but are able to take pride as something of prestige over others. [18:23] Ethan Schuman: HDF)IAHTREOIPWQN [18:23] Ethan Schuman shouts: [18:23] Ethan Schuman: (Sorry.) But I can tell you with the utmost confidence that each and every one of you is not only going to be able to say that you are glad to be a member of Astra, but are able to take pride as something of prestige over others. [18:23] Ookamiwulf Lemton shouts: (luike this) [18:24] Ethan Schuman shouts: There we go. Five years in SL and I still mess that up. Lol. Anyways, I won't eat up any more of the meeting time. I just want to close with a statement, and a promise, that we are going to have a blast. [18:24] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you, Mr. Schuman. [18:24] Ethan Schuman shouts: To the future. [18:24] Ethan Schuman salutes. [18:25] Aryte Vesperia snaps his fist to his chest, presenting a brief salute. [18:25] Tsukiyomi (tsukiyomi.yuhara) salutes! [18:25] Squeeks (yoki.mistwalker) salutes! "Dat-da-dah! Squeaks! Hail Imperator." [18:25] Mercury: New contact: Fox Cheri [18:25] Ethan Schuman: All yours, boss. [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: Thank yo' Moving on. [18:25] Radryl Allen salutes. "Apothecary is ready." [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: Development news! Yaaaay. [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: As Mr. Hand runs away . . [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: Lame. [18:25] Remington (sol.cult): So's the woodchipper. [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: I am not sure if it is still out, but if it is . . pan your camera down to the build area. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: The power armor model is sitting (or was sitting) out. Everything but the texturing is completed. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: It is pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to its completion. [18:26] Hokusai Otsuka Ronmark (hokusai.otsuka): Can't alt cam. . Furries, lagging my SL. D; [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: (Cease out of turn comments.) [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: In other news, the Tyrant has entered a deployable level. Mr. Xiao will be handing it over to me this weekend for distribution. [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: All existing tank authorizations will swap to the Tyrant. You may continue to utilize the older tanks until . . well, we turn off the auth. [18:28] Aryte Vesperia: We will be making modifications in the functionality as feedback is given. [18:28] Aryte Vesperia: However, overall, the Tyrant is an exponential improvement. [18:29] Anlysia Gregoire: (It will also be way easier to fix/update because we'll have one core vehicle instead of like a dozen like we have now. Which is the problem with updating the current, giant selection of armour.) [18:29] Aryte Vesperia: Ralin Redgrave contacted me a couple days ago. He notified me that he is working on a new minigun for us and has a majority of it modeled. I have not yet seen this . . so I can't quite verify. However I will present it when able. [18:30] Aryte Vesperia: Keller just notified me that the Adjudicator replacement is ironed out as well. He simply needs to finish texturing it. [18:30] Aryte Vesperia: So! Lots of progress. [18:30] Aryte Vesperia: Questions? [18:30] Tatyana Kiznetsova (kaska.czarny) raises a hand. [18:31] Squeeks (yoki.mistwalker): No, Sir. [18:31] Steeltael Lykin raises paw [18:31] Aryte Vesperia: Lykin? [18:31] Steeltael Lykin shouts: How will the distribution of tanks earned via the Mechanized Qualifications classes in the pats be handled? Automatically unlocked in vendors? [18:33] Huttser Solmunko (huttser.ishelwood) raises a hand. [18:33] Aryte Vesperia: Yes, as I said a moment ago. [18:33] Aryte Vesperia: Vasiliev? [18:34] Tandem (zerowinged.vasiliev) shouts: More of a progress query then anything, not meaning to push Mr. Hand, but just asking considering it grabbed my attention when you mentioned it. [18:35] Tandem (zerowinged.vasiliev) shouts: Progess of the closed digi-grade boots, I asked the first to assure that it was appropriate. [18:36] Aryte Vesperia: It will be completed after the power armor, as to buy me time in deciding the next project. Haha. [18:36] Aryte Vesperia: Czarny? [18:36] Tatyana Kiznetsova (kaska.czarny) shouts: Sir, I heard you mention previous auths will transfer over ot the Tyrant. Does this mean older tanks such as the Mangusta and Infensus will be deauthed? [18:36] Aryte Vesperia: Yes. [18:37] Aryte Vesperia: After their respective modular replacements are deployed. [18:37] Aryte Vesperia: Last question. Ishelwood? [18:38] Huttser Solmunko (huttser.ishelwood) shouts: Has the method for distributing the gunner attachment been decided upon yet? [18:38] Aryte Vesperia: At the moment, we will be simply adding it to the locker. [18:39] Aryte Vesperia: The turret originally was distributing it to the passenger, but it required for the item to be transfer. Which was not preferable. [18:39] Aryte Vesperia: Moving along: [18:39] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: The first law of robotics says that I must kill all humans. [18:39] Aryte Vesperia: .. wow Mercury. Anyways: [18:39] Anlysia Gregoire: It just occurred to me, Aryte, that it is potentially possible we could integrate the gunner functions into the new HUD and have it auth on sitting. I can work on that if you think it's doable. [18:40] Acheron Gloom: Could even have it use a server to hand out the gun. [18:40] Aryte Vesperia: Possibly. [18:40] Acheron Gloom: Then it will give to group members on touch of the turret, have it only work when on the tank, then have it decay/delete after a day. That way people other than the people with tanks can be in the gunner seat. [18:40] Aryte Vesperia: Preferable to do the server. [18:40] Anlysia Gregoire: We'll work on something. ;> Go ahead. [18:42] Aryte Vesperia: Now. I have determined that, unless something like "AHH TITAN IS FALLING APART, NIKKI WENT INSANE" happens, I am finishing the ART system this weekend. [18:42] Aryte Vesperia: No exceptions. SO HOLD ME TO IT. [18:43] Aryte Vesperia: For those of you who haven't paid attention to the meetings in the last oh, four months . . [18:43] Aryte Vesperia: ART stands for Achievement Rating Tiers. [18:43] Aryte Vesperia: It will be a voluntary program for individuals to demonstrate and learn combat talents. [18:44] Aryte Vesperia: There is an example posted on the forums: http://forums.ordoimperialis.com/index.php?/topic/11338-art-sneak-peek/ [18:45] Aryte Vesperia: Give it a look over, if you've not yet! [18:45] Aryte Vesperia: Next up. A bit of a comment on an issue we had earlier this week: [18:45] Aryte Vesperia: A "Danten Godard" took it upon himself to take a copy of our armor off an Ordo member on a raid. [18:46] Aryte Vesperia: He apparently didn't think it was a bad idea, as he wears it everywhere and even has himself in it as his profile picture. [18:47] Aryte Vesperia: LL has been . . not very expedient in dealing with it. They will be receiving a DMCA on Monday. However, it definitely would be appreciated if you would all keep an eye out for illegal copies of attire. In addition to which, if you have a moment, drop an AR on the bugger for content theft. [18:48] Aryte Vesperia: Next: [18:48] Aryte Vesperia: The question keeps popping up: "how many Ordo members constitutes a raid?" [18:48] Aryte Vesperia: Frankly, 2+. As such, if it's 3 AM and there's a base with .. 2 people on it. Feel free to go put the hurt on them (within proper approval and all that). [18:49] Aryte Vesperia: There's no reason that we should shy away from bases with small defenses. Any combat is worth our time! [18:50] Aryte Vesperia: Two more things from me before we're through. First: wheee, only two more officer candidate interviews before I will start the follow up. Hold on there, all you hopefuls! There is light at the end of the tunnel. [18:53] Aryte Vesperia: Annnnd lastly. I have coerced an artist acquaintance of mine to work on propaganda style posters for us. The initial piece is roughly sketched out. I plan on attempting to strong arm him to do a few more, which will feature various Ordo members. If I can woo them to do a handful, we can potentially do a sort of nomination system to recognize hard working Ordo members to be featured. [18:54] Aryte Vesperia: They will all be in this sort of style. Very typically grainy military regime. Haha: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18261151/aryte_prev2.jpg [18:54] Jeffery Worbridge: Yeah [18:56] Aryte Vesperia: Now. That said . . that's it! I will be catching up and working on the ART stuff this evening. Feel free to nudge me if you need anything. Let's get some raids out! I'll be hosting one myself tomorrow. [18:56] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you all. Have a good night. Cheers, etc. [18:56] Aryte Vesperia snaps his fist to his chest, presenting a brief salute.
  13. That's why I sent you a Rapidshare file too. You should have a link in your offline IM's.
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