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  1. Yeah. The two were the ambo's security, and I'd heard either Marines or RSO. Sounds like they are DS, maybe RSO Tripoli. Who approved that trip.
  2. One might also assume some pissed off elite mofos. I think the other two unidentified Americans killed will probably be two Marines from the Tripoli embassy. Just a guess though, since they're still doing next of kin as far as I know.
  3. We have 7 missions on high alert. Someone commented that wow, we just sent 50 Marines to Libya. Last time we sent 8 and took over...
  4. Same here. Sean was in my new hire class in 2002. Wish I'd known he played EVE before now. Yesterday at work was like an all day brain beating as everyone tried to get news. I stopped trying after a while. For those wondering, his boss in The Hague will be collecting him from Germany today to take him home.
  5. I am now taking Krav Maga. Four knuckles on right hand blasted, but it's awesome.

  6. I will be in Vegas end of July anyway for DEFCON.
  7. I would also be interested in such a thing once I hit the US next month. WashDC FTW.
  8. I have created a calendar showing my available times in SL Time. It is in my profile under Location, and also here: />http://dl.dropbox.com/u/863795/Disraeli_Available_Times.pdf So whenever during those times, I am very grateful for some ART for the Timezone Impaired so's I can lead some pain unto the infidels.
  9. Woo! Let me work out some blocks of time and let you know later today (MY today). :) Thanks!
  10. I am unable to make ART and many training opportunities due to timezone, but hope to fix this when I move back to the States, because I do want to lead raids.
  11. I make maille (armor and jewelry). Some folks expressed either interest in general or surprise at the pricing in TS3, so I thought I'd share a cool resource on maille and one vendor's pricing and time to delivery: />http://www.chainmailguy.com/pricing.htm For me, I'm in the process of a 5/16" 18 gauge titanium shirt in 6-1 european weave, which is denser (and smoother) than the normal 4-1 euro weave. It'll also be much lighter than steel. For a full shirt of stainless steel, you're looking at about 20-30 pounds. With this, I'm estimating 5-8 pounds. Still not great for wearing all day, but big difference! I will be wearing mine at the Maryland Renfest. :) Dragonscale: Mostly a jewelry weave, but it resembles scales. Pretty awesome. For armor, it's a problem because in addition to bad stretching charactistics, the smaller interior rings supply the strength. Questionable weave for armor-class maille, but neat for trim or casual. Some of the shirt I'm doing now, with a roll of the back piece and some of the collar: And a sample of the "usual" armor weave in stainless steel (I think that's 16 gauge 3/8" rings, though it may be 14g) against the 6-1 titanium. The 4-1 is the large patch, and the titanium is around it. 6-1 is really my fav, it's smoother and makes neat patterns as it moves. It does take slightly more rings and time to make though. And lastly, I'm mixing in some anodized titanium for the shoulder pieces of my shirt, in a 4-1 variation, and adding the blue for trim on the bottom hem and sleeves. Should be interesting. Here's a shot of one of the shoulder pieces in this weave and color: Disraeli
  12. Comment from friend: You do know that if you die and that gets stolen, it won't respawn?
  13. More progress. I assembled the shoulder pieces and tried it on. Fantastic fitting, I think. The denser weave flows well, like fabric, and the titanium takes on body heat fast. This whole piece weighs in at only 1lb 12oz. Also: wore out the spring on one set of pliers, so now they don't open by themselves. I expect the other to go soon too, will need to buy more.
  14. Putting off important things, like customs forms.

  15. With zombies? :-o
  16. This is my first shirt, so we'll see. :) If I have hands that function after this... I'd like to try making an inlaid Ordo banner in steel sometime.
  17. Worked on the shoulders. I've ditched the two-tone idea; it looked too much like a little league baseball jersey or something. :P So it's to be all one color and weave, with only blue trim. Titanium is classy enough. The two pieces for the front and back of the shoulder section: A closeup of one of the seams. This involves joining rings on both sides for a solid link. Thought I was going to put my eye out: Now it's just weaving the strips that join these two over the tops of the shoulders and getting the fit right, so my head goes through the squared neck. Still a ways to go for a full shirt.
  18. Trying not to respond to people in Japanese.

  19. Ok, you're a nice devil worshiper, Zrazor.
  20. Joining Ordo just to slam VG is like becoming a Satanist just to get back at Baptist parents. L4me. (Not saying we're devil worshipers. Aryte lacks horns.)
  21. April Fool's Day, natch. Everyone gets a potato.
  22. LOA until April 21, checking boards though.

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  23. Hear hear on the keynote. Well said.
  24. ^^^ this
  25. So it doesn't have removable weights? Sadness.