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Heavy666 Bolden

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    Online Gaming, Paintball, Airsoft.
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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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  1. Hmm just bought this game and it's pretty A-1
  2. ill be there !
  3. omg lmao just what I needed at work today
  4. Dont do it! it's a trap!
  5. Hey there welcome !
  6. Hey there! welcome
  7. Desktop 22 Inch Moniter AMD Phenom x4 965 Black Edition 3.4 GHZ 8 GB 1600 Ram Nvidia GTS 450 1GB DDR5 1TB HD (Backup) Laptop ~ Alienware lol 10.5 Inch display Core i7-2617M 1.5 - 2.6 GHz Dual Core (How is a dual core an i7 beats me) 6GB ram unknown speed Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 750 GB HD
  8. Day 3 of quitting smoking ~ This vapor is awesome xD

    1. Aryte
    2. Deadmon
    3. Heavy666 Bolden

      Heavy666 Bolden

      Yup, hard to get the good juice in Canada, had to order it online.

  9. Sitting at work with my hands on my head listening to music and being bored... Gee things just keep getting better.

  10. Back to work~ Rocking and rollin.

  11. Name: Heavy666 Bolden Rank: E-7 Master Sergeant Legion: The 75th Hydra Legion.
  12. Ill be there with bells on :)
  13. OORAAH!!!
  14. Got Suspended from work for 1 day, Planetside here I come!

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    2. Heavy666 Bolden

      Heavy666 Bolden

      Well a wise man once said that we should cherish our mistakes because they provide the opportunity to learn from them.

    3. Ratchet Exonar

      Ratchet Exonar

      and what did you learn from it?

    4. Heavy666 Bolden

      Heavy666 Bolden

      I learned that I should always hit my mute button when I feel like saying something ridiculous about someone.

  15. Another day in workers paradise...