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Drasamax Python

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    Pennsylvania, USA
  1. Job interview on Monday.

  2. He already has his own supply of cookies :P
  3. Summoner FFXIV:
  4. 2. Darksiders, Red Faction: Armageddon, Metro 2033, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor (Give Darksiders to Agares, please)
  5. Sup
  6. Sup
  7. I got a card
  8. I likely would end up playing, if I had it in the first place and if it didn't have a chance to induce lag on my computer as its likely a more hardware intensive game compared to my computers current hardware comparing to how it already runs with Arma II.
  9. o/
  10. Awesome, my ISP upgraded their internet packages, now my connection goes over 2x faster than it did~

    1. Odin047
    2. Angelin01


      I wish my ISP would do that ¬¬

  11. My cat's health and physical condition seem to be going down hill the past few months due to old age, and is being put to sleep in 2 days. ._.

  12. Stuck being very uncomfortable, from medical issues, and long waiting time for appointments, to keep trying to figure out whats causing the problems. :/

  13. I know that, but what I meant was I had 2 separate accounts in the old beta, one which I cannot access as I have no idea what it was now and email retrieval returns nothing.
  14. Been playing on Sargatanas, unfortunately on my other account as I can't seem to retrieve the one I had with my old char data.. Which they will be restoring eventually.