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  1. [21:48] Rhilowood: I was just ejected from VG no les than half an hour ago for calling Toph a snowmew
  2. Good idea!
  3. [19:42] (COM): Jath Andel: Lesson one, this is huttser, he is a husky. [19:42] Lairex Beck (Channel 1): sling [19:42] Lairex Beck (Channel 1): holster [19:42] (COM): Radryl Allen: And you are his son.
  4. [21:31] Shizzerk Kostolany: Sir please disarm your penis [21:31] bilys Bruun: its off [21:31] Shizzerk Kostolany: no no no its attached its there i see it its holstered
  5. I live a 3 hour drive from that and still can't make it. :(
  6. [11:49] Mari Visage: CAn I have a 5-piece with a side of curly fries [11:49] Tatyana DeAllura (kaska.czarny): Do you want fries with that? [11:50] Mari Visage: Uh yeah, medium. [11:50] Tatyana DeAllura (kaska.czarny): Would you like to sign up for our VesperiaBurger rewards card? You get ten percent off every second purchase of hereticsteak sandwiches. [11:50] Mari Visage: Uh yeah, medium. [11:50] Tatyana DeAllura (kaska.czarny): Would you like to sign up for our VesperiaBurger rewards card? You get ten percent off every second purchase of hereticsteak sandwiches. [11:52] Mari Visage: No, thanks my bf would kill me if I sign up for another one of those dang rewards cards. [11:52] Mari Visage: Got fetus burger? [11:52] Tatyana DeAllura (kaska.czarny): Only heretic flavor. [11:53] Mari Visage: Blegh. Then I'll just have my medium curly fries with a small chocolate shake. [11:53] Typhon DeCrux (typhon.perun): Youd you like the blood of heritcs with your fires? [11:54] Typhon DeCrux (typhon.perun): Fries [11:54] Mari Visage: No hold the blood, I'm on a diet. [11:54] Tatyana DeAllura (kaska.czarny): Alright. One minute please. *heads into the kitchen. Muffled sounds of whips and screams are heard* Here you go. Thank you for coming to VesperiaBurger. The only right place for a heretic. [11:55] Crimson (anthony.lehane) is Online [11:55] Mari Visage snatches her food and eaves without paying because she's gangster like that. Oh yeahhh. [11:56] Tatyana DeAllura (kaska.czarny) slipped a facehugger into the food bag as a surprise gift.
  7. Damn, wouldn't mind having one of these myself.
  8. [18:27] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Aryte Vesperia) Back problems. [18:27] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Aryte Vesperia) Warning you. [18:27] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: sheesh Pic inculded as it is the reason behind the quote.
  9. I wonder how I could work in the back story of my own crux in to this. Species wise there not the most wanted of them, and originate in mutation experiments.
  10. Deployment merit for number of raids, say 1st one for 100, then again for 250, and maybe a 3rd for 500 raids. A kind of take on the RL militaries own deployment merit.
  11. [16:23] Marcus Tinamoose (marcus.tinamou): Nothing about this room says, answer my questions or face my wrath. This room used to be the Ordo day-care room, the construction carpet is so there wouldn't be snack stains [16:23] Maiyu Abeyante is Offline [16:23] Hollow (hollowmengitus.yifu): That's the Praetorian Carpet
  12. [19:33] Faril Iredell shouts: HI ARYTE [19:34] Aryte Vesperia shouts: How are you inside? [19:35] Faril Iredell shouts: I broke your shield thing [19:35] (COM): Huttser Ishelwood: Remove? [19:35] (COM): Aryte Vesperia: Yes. [19:35] Aryte Vesperia shouts: Ok. You're about to get mowed down.
  13. Nicely done. *golf claps*
  14. [04:50] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Samuel Russ) super armor [04:50] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Samuel Russ) *_* [04:50] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Agares Tretiak) Hmm? [04:50] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Morh Giffen) Disembodied is doing a great job! [04:50] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Agares Tretiak) /me nods. [04:50] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Samuel Russ) :D [04:50] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Agares Tretiak) By his glorious name... [04:51] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Diyana Chrome) ok [04:51] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Diyana Chrome) i take the armor :) [04:51] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Morh Giffen) Samuel, feel free to grab an AK5 as well while you're at it [04:51] Gen Scientist is Online [04:51] Mercury: New contact: Gen Scientist [04:51] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Morh Giffen) It's a good gun. [04:51] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Agares Tretiak) ...The Armor is not for sale.
  15. [13:36] [Ordo] Handheld Radio 1.0 (Stomach): (Explosivechicken Aironaut) Thy Ordo armada hast thwarted thy Dread Captain Reilig this once by thy size of thar fleet, but thou shalt no this victory did not come without losses! This shalt not be me last time boardin' ye vessel