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  1. Maybe, it's just a personal belief I hold that LL (and the community) sorta ruined the fun of second life. Or if not that, at least, I think second life in general (not just slmc) peaked a long time ago in terms of popularity for whatever reason.
  2. semi-sorta necro'in here, but I agree wholeheartedly Tsume! The group is observably different from how it was years ago. In a lot of ways, that sucks for me cause I did enjoy the flow of the organization on SL, and the tight-knit sense of community that a platform like SL gave people to create and work together. Ranking up and such was definitely a lot harder, and even thinking about completing an OCA still gives me a headache to this day. Ultimately I think the Ordo's departure from SL wasn't something that could be controlled. Decisions by LL and the overall direction of the community were factors that I think Ordo couldn't had influenced or changed, no matter how big, successful, or influential it was. The fact that Ordo is observably different now isn't a bad thing though, and I agree with you on that too. Yeah, things are more lax, you don't know everyone quite-so well, but that's not bad. It's still a great community that serves an awesome purpose. Ordo has always done well at maintaining a goal for itself and setting high standards for professionalism in it's operation, while still being a lot of fun and rewarding to be a part of. I'm glad to have seen the community evolve and continue to grow and succeed. My only regret is I wish I was around more, or could get into it again. Buuuut, that's my own problem.
  3. Hmmm... hopefully it works out fine. They would have to update the models too, and I hope the online gameplay isn't like an online mod for Skyrim I would definitely love a KOTOR II remake, omg. It was/is my all time favorite rpg.
  4. omg.
  5. squishy kishy!!!!!!
  6. I feel like a pre-teen again. This is the first time I've been excited for a video game in a couple years now.
  7. Omg. omgggggggg.
  8. Couldn't had worded it better. Ordo helped me achieve the work ethic I have now and it's paid off well for me. Your sentiment is definitely one I can understand and fully agree with Aryte. You'll always be my Imperator. <3 (inb4 gay, actually, yeah, gay) The army (happy huttser?) has invested in a truly excellent person. Congrats on all your achievements.
  9. That would probably make the news in America.
  10. Mmmmm dem good 'ol days. GU and whatnot. <3
  11. Ah yeah! Haha I don't know if I'd say legend, but GAR was a pretty great place to be back when. When Talia came around I got booted out for no good reason but I've popped by to say hello every now and then since she got b&. Still a great group, not many can stay around for so many years, even if they are smaller now. Nice to meet you (again), hopefully I get to speak to you more down the road! :~)
  12. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!!! (congrats Aryte, I saw dat officer cap on twitter. It's the tits.) Sorry if I've been on and off lately, no excuse, but I am on second life p. much every night if not ts3 (almost typed vent, wouldn't that be a trip?) edit: Kavia, where have we met? Out of curiosity. Your doesn't ring a bell but I'm pretty cloudy these days.
  13. Hi!!! Some of you might remember me, the majority of you probably don't know who I am. Prior to Ordo shifting from a Second Life Military to a Online Gaming Community, I was CO of Victrix (an entry level squad), XO of Evalidus (a specialized squad), and I (think?) an XO of Legion Hades for a brief time before my departure from day-to-day activities of the group to focus on my personal life, as well as a slew of other things I can't really recall right now. My history with Ordo extends into my younger years, with my first foray into the group having been sometime around 2009. Wellllll, I'd like to let everyone know they should be seeing more of me again. :~) Life has leveled out and I'm starting my Associates of Science this fall, and work isn't as demanding as it once was, so now I have a lot of spare time that I didn't have before. I'm excited to come back and see what the Ordo has evolved into. From what I've read on the forums over time and today, it looks very exciting! I see a lot of familiar faces but also a /ton/ of new ones. I look forward to meeting everybody!
  14. Thanks you two! I actually have two ports for hdds/ssds on this laptop. I'm gonna look into the externals, too, though, but I may end up just getting a smaller SSD. I'll post results when I get around to getting to the store. :~) by the way, anyone ever noticed how unnecessarily overpriced Best Buy is?
  15. I have this trend of shattering my hard disks by either dropping my laptop or dropping something on it at least... once a year, and it's that time of year again. The laptop itself runs great, but with a shattered drive in it, the disk can't really be read that fast, which slows down everything I do. So, I'm planning on replacing it and wanted your guys's opinion as to what kind of drive I should get; Solid State, Hard Disk, or Hybrid. If you have a specific make and model you'd like to suggest, too, that'd be appreciated. :D Also, price is of no concern. Thanks guys. :D