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Mark Karlfeldt

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  1. Wolfe Hardin's daily near-death experiences.
  2. Anshe Chung. And Adam Brokken.
  3. Casinos. Casinos everywhere.
  4. Weekly stipends. Can you say "economic inflation".
  5. "Blitzing" attacks.
  6. Game over guys, Duty won. The zone is destroyed just like they wanted.
  7. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to when I graduate.
  8. Willem DaFoe as Tiridates. Only DaFoe can capture the level of creepy that Tiridates can be.
  9. Steve Irwin is DEEEEAAAAD.
  10. Also Whoopi Goldberg as Trinity. AND SIGOURNEY WEAVER AS LIL MALTZ. Clint Eastwood as Krow.
  11. I always mentally associated Mel Gibson with Scarlet Flaks. Also HAL as Mercury.
  12. I never knew either.
  13. When Disembodied worked for Christoph.
  14. When Agares and Heather were in loooooove.~