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  1. All of you deserve a pat on the back. Good work everyone!
  2. Currently missing the Praetorian service merit. The description has been altered to include Praetorian Auxiliary members. Which I was a part of. Thank you
  3. A Book.
  4. Welcome!
  5. [OI] CHAOSKN1GHT: 8:02 PM - [OI] CHAOSKN1GHT: i raped EMPIRE and made him butter 8:02 PM - [OI] EMPIRE: when was this? 8:02 PM - [OI] CHAOSKN1GHT: u dont remeber? 8:02 PM - [OI] EMPIRE: no 8:02 PM - [OI] CHAOSKN1GHT: where u enjoying it to much? 8:02 PM - [OI] EMPIRE: you may have raped me too hard
  6. We miss you too! Come home soon.
  7. I'l take a number as well thank you
  8. Grey Knights ftw.
  9. Firefall Operations. I will gladly be hosting operations Saturday,Sunday & Monday nights beginning at 7 PM PST & continuing until people run out of steam. This will be a great opportunity to power through ARES missions,use higher level squad thumpers for resources. & to generally run the entire continent with Ordo forces. All you need to do? Show up! Ask for a invite. Bring a friend maybe who isnt with us yet to experience the group. Do not forget to setup your teamspeak!
  10. Amazing.
  11. oh snap.
  12. Hello Derrener. I hope you enjoy gaming with us.
  13. Hello and Welcome.
  14. Welcome!