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  1. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kznek1uNVsg&feature=youtu.be What we know: Same world, Same characters, "Not every scene from original" (THEY BETTER NOT Ffff WITH MY DON SCENES) "Dramatic" changes to combat system, but "Keeping it recognizable" TIMED PS4 exclusive. (PC and Xbox will eventually get it) Its going to take a long time.
  2. dwarfs revealed https://youtu.be/x7sBlvrZvd0
  3. Id say SWTOR and Wildstar are our most active chapters, but Planetside2 still pew pews from what Ive seen too. Would love to see it get to the size it once was and it could use some reliable infantry like you if I understand right. A few other games here and there but Kish is right in saying that hanging out in TS3 and just picking your poison is a good way to start. Advantage is they are all free to play (well, Wildstar is going free to play here this coming month we suspect, no date yet but its confirmed to happen).
  4. Deff going to snag a few of those for my esper, and that potion/field tech one for all my toons :D
  5. The info should be accurate yeah. Welcome, looking forward to seeing you in game!
  6. They were pretty much just snapshots pasted into photoshop. I didnt put any real work into them, admittedly. Was just using the logo as a warm up and snagged a snapshot of it before moving on just in case. They would deff need to be edited but I figured they can be useful for stock files for editing.
  7. I meant in terms of gameplay / story. Not actual Watchdogs. The Next Watchdogs is still a modern RL city like how they did Chicago I am pretty sure.
  8. I spent a few minutes creating these as a warmup for some hardsurface stuff I was working on a bit ago. No real texture or detail added but could be used fine in sized-down signatures or banners or whatever. Feel free to use and edit as you want for Ordo stuff.
  9. inb4 Watch Dogs
  10. http://www.ign.com/videos/2015/04/22/total-war-warhammer-announcement-cinematic-trailer
  11. + no single player campaign, confirmed by DICE
  12. PS8IN555I17U44OOJ1VN NA Guest pass for Wildstar! First come first serve, post if you use it.
  13. rainbows for emphasis.
  14. The points of the cross look too much like hard-edged hearts to me. </2cents>
  15. Xoza was a baddy and didnt label the misc right.