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  1. so ive played a bit of it. so far its.... not bad.
  2. thank you for the offer but i never found swtor an mmo i enjoyed. but once its released i am curious if they is any intrest in the new cod. currently the only MMO i am currently intrested in and i do know their is some intrest in it from ordo is Star Citizen. feel free to add my on steam though you should not have much of an issue finding me via Xoza friendlist.
  3. My name is Fatalitywolf Firehawk and simply put just Fate Hello again to old members who may remember me from the old days on SL both as a terra foot soldier then astra pilot and from the days i used to dog fight astra pilots when i was 2142. now days i serve in Silver Hawks on SL. and Greeting to those who came after that age of ordo. but talking to Xoza i felt like coming over and saying hello and to look at the prospect of playing games with a few of you lot. it feels odd doing this again on these fourms at two years after leaving Ordo having joined in 2010 it was alot of fun serving and fighting against Ordo those days were alot of fun and i do miss them.
  4. wow that quite a necro you did there dude now am gonna run away before someone notices me lol
  5. this was a serious attempt at being helpful as some language differer only slightly please do not de rail it. and Marcus that's not the point of the list its just every language Google translates so i stuck them in a list
  6. this list was more of this language looks like this
  7. i can give you a translation if you want
  8. no i was right the first time
  9. ok this is to help you recognizing languages at a glance. Afrikaans : hallo Albanian : përshëndetje Arabic: مرحبا Armenian: ալլո Azerbaijani: salam Basque: kaixo Belarusian: прывітанне Bengali: ওহে Bulgarian: здравей Catalan: Hola Chinese(simple) : 您好 Chinese(traditional): 您好 Croatian: bok Czech: ahoj Danish: Hej Dutch: hallo English: hello Estonian: tere Filipino: kumusta Finnish: hei French: bonjour Galicain: Ola Georgain: მიესალმები German: hallo Greek: Γεια σας Gujarati: હેલ્લો Haitian Creole : alo Hebrew: שלום HIndi: नमस्ते Hungarian: szia Icelandic: halló Indonesian: halo Irish: dia duit Italian: ciao Japanese: こんにちは Kannada: ಏಲ್ಲಾದರೂ Korean: 안녕하세요 Latin: Lorem Latvian: sveiki Lithuanian: Sveiki Macedonian: Здраво Malay: hello Maltese: bonjour Norwegian: hei Persian: سلام Polish: cześć Portugese: Olá Romanian: Alo Russian: привет Sebrian: здраво Slovak: ahoj Slovenian: zdravo Spanish: ¡Hola Swahili: hodi Swedish: hej Tamil: ஹலோ Telugu: దూరంగా ఉండేవారిని పిలుచుటకు వాడే ఓ శబ్ధ విశేషము Thai: สวัสดี Turkish: merhaba Ukrainian: привіт Urdu: خوش Vietnamese: xin chào Welsh: helo Yiddish: אַ גוט יאָר hope this help if see anything wrong post it and i will change it
  10. i saw it on the marketplace a few weeks ago
  11. http://youtu.be/g7cR7IfB7eU
  12. [20:56] Bobika Ferrer: maybe when I finish up for chaos [20:56] Bobika Ferrer: I am doing alot of stuff for them [20:56] Bobika Ferrer: I might look into ordo [20:57] Kynnaria Merlin: I'll donate my liver the day that happens. ----I am holding Kynnaria to this claim if I successfuly join Ordo, Kynn will donate their liver!----
  13. *cough*this has totally not already been posted already http://forums.ordoimperialis.com/index.php?/topic/15389-mechwarrior-online/*cough* it looks badass