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  1. I also have them available if anyone wants the ordo ones.
  2. Profile read: 12 year old Japanese school girl....oh goddamnit
  3. On a side note: The Two Worst Movies I've ever seen - Plan 9 from Outer Space - Ed Wood's Opus. The ultimate failure of a film, it uses hubcaps as ufo's, chiropractors as Bela Lugosi stand-ins, and impotently angry aliens. Also includes one of the worst opening "cautions" in history. This is generally agreed upon as the Worst Movie in the entirety of Human History. The only other real contender is Robot Monster, which I have yet to view. The Blackhole - Made by Disney in the late 70's, I was shown this in a middle school science class by our teacher. It was made truly terrible by the fact that my teacher insisted it was scientifically accurate in it's depiction of black holes. From there, toss in a hammy villain, would be rip-offs of Star Wars droids, and some of the least sensible acting, directing, and writing I've ever had the horrified fascination to witness, and you have the second worse film I've ever born witness too. It is prime fodder for the likes of smart-ass commentary ala MST3k.
  4. I'm rather disappointed. Sometimes I think I was the only friend he had in the Ordo, and I did the best I could to try to get him to behave. I saw he had potential if he could just get past some of his inner demons. At times I felt he reminded me of myself, and that worries me. But then I remember that I can exercise judicious tact and I feel less worried.
  5. Actually I did. When I was a Senior in high-school, my first nephew was a couple years old and my second was just a baby. So Disney movies were the norm in my house. Me, with Aspbergers something fierce, I notice details really quick in movies. I noticed the dance sequence from Robin Hood was virtually identical to the entire song and dance number from Aristocats, especially the drummers (one depicted as a Siamese Cat the other as a Slant-Eyed Rabbit). Likewise I recognized the 101 Dalmatians blunder at the end with the shot to the head on Jasper then noticed the same shot the head on Kay from Sword in the Stone. To me it was a bit of a cop-out. I wondered why in the blue hell they would do something like that, but came to the conclusion that perhaps it was budget cuts? Or maybe it was the whole "I wonder if they'll notice?" situation. At least Disney has discontinued that old-style of animation.
  6. Post the names of your favorite non-mainstream movies on your rack here and describe them briefly for those that may not have seen them. Then feel free to share why. This can be live-action, Anime, Animated. Shaun of the Dead: British made movie that makes fun of zombie films, filmed by the same director that made Snatch. Excellent comedy and british humor Hot Fuzz: Movie that makes fun of most Action/Cop movies, also made by the same director and actors from Shaun of the Dead. Snatch: Helarious movie about a stolen diamond and how it comes to effect the lives of every character in the film. Same drector as Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz Earthian: Interesting Anime depicting Angels as an incredibly technological race that watches over humans like a science experiment. It's sci-fi meets Theology. Lots of gay undertones, but still good film.
  7. I've found some interesting things on my desk: Long lost Jurassic Park DVD Condom (still wrapped) from high school Tax information from 2004 ID Tags from Rainfurrest 2008 Hair-Ties I can no longer use D&D Miniatures Police Tape Red Wings Shoes Baseball cap A vintage origional printing copy of 1st Edition Shadowrun Matches from a gay-bar in Amirillo Texas Keys to a car that I no longer own and a pocket nife that appears to somehow have fused with the desk
  8. Yeah, I don't think I ever intentionally killed another ordo. I wouldn't either. Even if i did shoot Ruin from 250+m, corner to corner of the sim, out of the air while he was in a Praeda with the Socom. ...or when i first joined I shot Johann Wilberg near 15 times in a row one day because he ran in front of me several times around that one blind corner.
  9. But I have aspbergers.... And yes it did. alot of men were so worried that they were going to die when they came home and returned to their wives their poor unfortunate wives were subjected to much sexing by people that'd been denied action of that sort for a few years - or had experimented with the other side of the barrel as they say.
  10. Normally people's alcohol tolorance goes up rather than staying in one spot.
  11. Gunau you're the only person I know that could fail a paternity test :P
  12. My beef with the whole Dr. Robotnick thing was the fact that all of a sudden in later series he's no longer known as Robotnick, it's Dr. Eggman now. I was like...um...it's robotinick, to which I don't even know if it's the same guy anymore. Then again I never enjoyed the Sonic Universe all the much.
  13. I myself never get hangovers. It's a trade-off for being a light-weight when it comes to my drinking: I never puke, never get hangovers either. I get knocked flat after some stuff that most people wouldn't even get buzzed from, but hey I never intended on winning any drinking contests in life. I like my liver and brain. Likewise it is much cheaper for me to get drunk this way. If anyone's curious, my preferred bar drink of choice are Banana or lemon Daiquiri. If those aren't available then Strawberry works. And if Daiquiris are not available, then I drink Smirnoff Ice or Mike's Hard Lemonade. I like the sweet stuff, what can I say? Though I do find some hard liquors enjoyable. My favorite drink to mix is a drink that involves Bacardi Coconut Rum, and Chocolate milk. It tastes utterly delicious!. Likewise sometimes I'll mix a little vodka in with my mint chocolate chip milkshakes. ...Though before I get too far ahead of myself, it's not like I'm much of a drinker. Randy (Bunny) and I go out drinking maybie 3 times a year, and buy drinks for the house just as often. I did have some nice Irish Cream (Decaf) on St. Patties though! Delish.
  14. Though I wouldn't be discouraged from building stuff for my own personal use, provided that I was careful delete unused prims and all that.