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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the Ordo Imperialis Forums, there's a lot to do here, there's a lot of information, it changes daily and can get overwhelming, especially with the more access you gain, the more there is to keep up with... WELL here's a few tips and tricks from all of us and some newer or unused features to help you on your way to exploration! We made a good investment with this powerful forum software, let's be sure we use it to the fullest capabilities. Start Page The first page of http://forums.ordoimperialis.com is the 'start' page of our forums. You can get here easily by using that address of course, or if you're already in the forums, just clicking [The Ordo Imperialis] Tab or the banner above. Posting a topic or reply If you wish to start a topic under an area, you may select [start New Topic] at the top right of that board. These topics are often moderated so please keep it on topic and respectful. If you wish to reply under an already started topic, you'll find a 'quick reply' option at the very bottom of the thread. The quick reply is a simpler mini editor you can use. The difference between the full and mini editor is a few management and file tools. The editors are pretty straightforward, there are plenty of options at the top you can explore to fullfill your layout needs just like any word document. Play with them, make sure you know what they do. When you create a thread or edit your own with the full editor, you also have the option to add tags to your thread. These help sorting, searches and disovery of your topic. Keep tags simple and basic, relevent to the topic you are posting. If you are pasting content from another area, it is always best to use the "Paste as Plain Text" button in the top right with the other paste options. This is good practice to ensure a clean transition. Other options would be to paste it from a notepad or Ctrl+Shift+V if you have that option on your browser. Quoting Quoting someone allows you to present who you are talking to or replying to in your thread, this also sends them a small notification ping shown in the top right of the forums next to your login name if they have those notification options turned on. To do this you can select the |Quote| or the |Multiquote| button at the bottom of their post. It will place what they posted in a quote box, in your quick reply at the bottom. If it's long or there are parts that are irrelevant to what you are replying too, you can delete these parts, as long as the information within the |quote name| remains. Images It's the internet, what site doesn't support the posting of those irrelivant, crazy, funny or trollish pictures!? One of the best way's to make a thread more fancy or interesting is visual stimuli. When working on your post, you can find a button on the top of your editor that lookse like a window. If you click this, you can post a link of the image you wish to post. If you feel the image is too big for the post, a good option is to drop it between spoiler tags. All bbcode can be entered in the code view mode (the lightswitch at the top left of your editor), only a few like ['spoiler'] can be used in the standard editor. Images [img=http://www.images.com/myimage.jpg]Spoiler [spoiler]Stuff I want to put under a button you have to click to show.[/spoiler]You can find plenty of other BBCode options, under the "Special BBCode" button in the top left. Unread and New As stated in the introduction, the forums here change often, we keep pretty busy. To help many of us keep track of what's going on, and observe everything everyone is saying so we don't miss anything, there are some pretty nifty features. At the very top right of the forums you'll find a [View New Content] link. If you click this, it will take you to a page showing every thread that has a new post since last you marked the thread as read or opened it. If you want to see a summary or quickly mark the thread as read, you can hover over the thread and an down arrow will show for you to click on, a few options are available there. To view this thread from the first page, you can click on the title, or you can click on the last poster's date at the end of this display to open the thread at the last post. Read Once you've read or opened a topic, it will marked as 'read' and will not show up again in new content, until someone makes another post. This doesn't mean however you have to read every post to remove it or clear it from the list. There are some threads that may not really interest you for one reason or another. Again you can mark these as read by popping down the summary with the arrow or finish reading what you were interested in and at the bottom left side of the forums there's a selection menu called [Mark Community Read]. You can open up this menu and select "Mark all as Read" or any other relevant selection. Following, Liking & Rating Following allows you to follow a topic you may be interested in, with additional options tied into your notification settings. This can be found at the top-right of every thread. When a topic is changed or replied to, you will get this notification either in the top right, next to your login name as well as a possible email, depending on your notification settings. Right below following, is your thread rating. This allows an individual to rate a topic by interest, entertainment value or how well on track or relevant it may be. While we don't really focus on thread ratings, it's there for anyone who want's it, use it realisticly and don't take advantage of it. In every post you will find a 'like' button at the bottom right, this allows members to mark a sort of appreciation for the post that can lead to the popularization of the thread as a whole and easily allow others to find relevant or helpful information. The amount if liked posts can also be found on your profile. Again, this is not something to be taken advantage of, as it amounts to no personal gain. Location Every thread you find has a 'location'. Forums are often built like trees. The root being the main forum page, the branches spanning out to other boards of various interests. If you are unsure of where a thread is located, you can find it at the top of every forum page like your standard file browser "|The Ordo Imperialis| > |Announcements & Guidelines|". This also shows where you are within the forums tree. You can also use this to go back to previous levels or go to the begining. If you're unsure where a forum resides or if it's relevant to you, be sure to check this location! Search One of the most important features to find conversations that may already exist. You can click the eyeglass or the advanced options gear to search with additional features. This includes titles only, content only or both. In addition to searching forums, you can also search for members. Members Members list can be accessed via the top left tabs. This shows a list of all our members their levels and links to their profiles. You must be logged in to see this information. Your Profile & Content All your profile, content, replies, settings and more can be found under a menu when you click on your login name at the top right side of the forums. In this area you can also find your messenger, notifications and friend lists. Again, though the information you place in your profiles is not public, it is available to any registered members. Calendar Members can access the calendars by the tabs at the top of the forums. This is a place where we post official event plans and information you can view. You can also follow these events, rate them, RSVP to them and make comments. Officers and other coordinators can post these events using a detailed outline. Example [b]Title[/b]: Operation Dominance[b]Coordinator[/b]: Chris Herbert[b]Division[/b]: The Ordo Imperialis[b]Type[/b]: Operation[b]Time/Length[/b]: 1400 (2pm) PST ±60min (1hr)[b]Access[/b]: Public - Active[b]Location[/b]: Location Spawn, Teamspeak Gaming 1 Channel[b]Participants[/b]: Any Personnel[b]Attire[/b]: Any Uniform/Class[b]Notes[/b]: Some Additional InfoIf you intend to participate, please RSVP.Please comment below any additional information.Calendar events are subject to change at anytime without warning. In short though, explore, click things, see what they do. If you have a tip or trick, or any questions, we're available, just let us know!
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