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Krow Ames

I'm on a Raid - Krow Ames

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This is the Ordo version of "I'm on a Boat - Lonely Island" by Krow Ames.

For the tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avaSdC0QOUM

Aw shit! Get your weapons ready! It's about to go down! Everybody in the place, hit the deck! But stay on your mothafuckin' toes! We runnin' this, let's go.

I'm on a Raid!

I'm on a Raid!

Everybody look at me cause I'm killin' on a Raid!

I'm on a Raid!

I'm on a Raid!

Take a good hard look at the mothafuckin' Raid!

I'm on a raid mothafucka, take a look at me!

Straight Raidin' on a group called VG!

Bustin' five Nazi's

Toph lookin' mighty 'fraid!

You can't stop me mothafucka cuz I'm on a raid!

Take a shot, punk

I'm on a raid, chump

Takin' Verklund cuz it's so fucked

Got my A squads

And my Astra Jockies

I'm killin Nazi's

You in VG straight cryin to me

I'm ridin' a dropship

Doin' flips and shit

The dropship's shootin'

Gettin' err'body all dead

But this ain't New Jessie

This is as real as it gets

I'm on a raid mothafucka, don't you ever forget!

I'm on a raid, and!

It's goin' great, and!

I got me a Judico

And a flash tan!

On a raid like Krow

If you on Titan,

Then you sho' not me-oh!

Get the fuck up! This raid is for real!

Fuck defense,

I'm on a raid mothafucka

Fuck Toph

I'm in Ordo mothafucka!

I'm on the ground with my boys, mothafucka

The Judico make noise, mothafucka!

Aryte, if you could see me now!

Tellin' Thanatos to make it loud!

Gonna take this raid to the moon somehow!

Like Gunau Sodwind, "Anything is possible!"

Yeah! Never thought I'd be on a raid!

It's a big red kinda day!

Maaaars, look at me! Oohhh~

Never thought they'd see the day

Big raid comin' their way

Believe me when I say,

Toph fucked his armaaayyy~

I'm on a Raid!

I'm on a Raid!

Everybody look at me cause I'm killin' on a Raid!

I'm on a Raid!

I'm on a Raid!

Take a good hard look at the mothafuckin' Raid!

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I was walkin' through the base

And an Armatura magister walks up to me and hands me a notecard

"Shoot better, die less"

Maaaaaaan, I'm not gonna let you indoctrinate me!

I threw it on the GROOOOOUUUUND!

You must think I'm a JOKE!

I ain't gonna be part of your curriculum!

Man! Pump that garbage in another Numerii's face

I go to the armory

And the locker says, "Auth confirmed: [Ordo] Minigun Pack..."

I said, "Man! What I look like? A charity case?"

I took it and threw it on the GROOOOOUUUUND!

I don't need your handouts!

I'm an adult!


You can't give me a Subjugator, man!

At New Jessie with my so-called "girlfriend"

He hands me a keychain, says it's Aryte

Man, this ain't Aryte!

This is a keeey chaaaain!

I threw it on the GROOOOOUUUUND!

What, you think I'm stupid?

I'm not a part of your system!

Aryte is not a keychain!


Some poser hands me a silly hat at a party

Whatcha want me to do with this? Attach it?

Happy birthday to the ground!

I threw everyone else's hat, too!

Welcome to the real word, jackaaaaaass!

So many things to throw on the ground

Like this, and this, and that, and even this

I'm an ADULT!

Two Praetorian phonies try to give me their autograph


Nobody wants your autograph, phonies!

Then the two phonies got up

Turned out they had a flamethrower

And they flamethrower'd me in the butthole

Fell to the ground

The phonies didn't let up

Flamethrowin' on my butthole over and over

I was screamin' and squirmin'

My butthole was on fire

The moral of the story is

You can't trust the Ordo


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