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[Ordo] Promotions: 26DEC10

13 posts in this topic

Be sure to read the entire foreword, it changes from time to time!

> Missing a PRF? Please refer to your unit lead; if you've already done so and said unit lead has not provided a remedy, feel free to notify me. I will remedy it.

> Curious why you have not received a promotion? First, consider if you have fulfilled the necessary minimum requirement exams. If you have, feel free to ask me: we can discuss it and provide direction.

> Otherwise, keep in mind there is always next week! Keep up the good work.

> Contact me if you're an [E-5] and are eligible for elevation to [E-6]. We need to figure out what'cha gotta do to get there! Same goes for [E-6] to [E-7].


Dante682184 Bellic

Darkhades Demonia

Gherwinh Riel

Hunter Abrams

Maverick Garfield

Otacon Skinsad

Winterz Silverfall


Awanken Wasp – [instructor] * criteria met for instructor award. +25

Dante682184 Bellic – [Armatura] *completion of Armatura.

Darkhades Demonia – [instructor] * criteria met for instructor award. +25

Fox Cheri – [instructor] * criteria met for instructor award. +25

Hollowmengitus Yifu – [Corona Vallaris] *instrumental to combat operation, cited by peer for valor and superior performance.

Jacob Urvile – [Combat Prowess] *cited by peers for combat actions. +25

Kithsuneca Eilde – [Good Conduct] * \m/ +25

Kithsuneca Eilde – [instructor] * criteria met for instructor award. +25

Kyra Vixen – [Diplomacy] *projection of Ordo excellence abroad; cited by peers. +25

Kyra Vixen – [instructor] * criteria met for instructor award. +25

Linx Foxclaw – [Alpha] * for all elite squad members; don’t have yours? See your unit leader.

Marcus Tinamou – [Prior Service] *NOI.

Preston Smythe – [instructor] * criteria met for instructor award. +25

Vincent Kroitschov - [instructor] * criteria met for instructor award. +25

Winterz Silverfall – [instructor] * criteria met for instructor award. +25

fatalitywolf Firehawk – [Homeland Defense] * superb performance in defensive work. +25


Dante682184 Bellic – [E-2]

DarkHades Demonia – [E-6]

Drasamax Python – [E-8]

Eriksson Foxtrot – [O-1] *first to be elevated under new review for officers; received highest marks of current applicants thus far, including a near unanimous affirmation by presiding officer quorum. Officer reviews are continually ongoing: if you’re in the running, be advised it is a very lengthy process . . . so patience, please!

Gherwinh Riel – [E-4]

Hunter Abrams – [E-2]

Ookamiwulf Lemton – [E-4]

Otacon Skinstad – [E-2]

Sebris Montpark – [E-8]

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Merits on database have been updated by Hollowmengitus, and Ranks have been updated on database by myself. Again -- Congratulations everyone!

I totally forgot about the ranks.

Did Mercury, though.

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