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Lanny Ansar

Ordo RL weapons thread

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As of the pick-up date, 4-22-2011, I am now the owner of two rifles.

I am happy. :D

---Rifle #1---

Savage Arms Mark II F

Caliber: .22LR

Action: Bolt Action Repeater

Feed: Box Magazine

Weight: 5lbs.

Overall Length: 39.75"

Barrel: 21" Tapered

Finish: Blued

Sights: Ramp Rear, Post Front. Drilled & Tapped for mounts.

Features: Accu-Trigger adjustable trigger system


I may get better ironsights before I get a magnified scope.

Alternately, something like this picatinny rail. I could mount my fake EOTech on it. Lol.

The other thing I may consider is a bipod, as I am not steady enough to shoot offhand very well. :<

As of now, I have the 10-round magazine it came with, and an extra 5-round and 10-round box magazine.

So far I have put 200 rounds through it. Thirty rounds when I picked it up on the 22nd, and 170 when I went to the rifle range on the 29th.

My picture sucks, so here is the official photo.


---Rifle #2---

Mosin Nagant 91/30

Caliber: 7.62x54R

Action: Bolt Action Repeater

Feed: Integrated 5-Round Magazine

Action: Bolt Action Repeater

Feed: Box Magazine

Weight: 5lbs.

Overall Length: 48.5" (Without 18" Bayonet Attached)

Barrel: 28" Tapered

Finish: Blued

Sights: Tangent Leaf Rear, Post In Globe Front.

Features: WWII Monster-Spike Bayonet (18" Long). WWII Cleaning Kit. Post-WWII Ammo Pouch.


1943 Izhevsk

Round High-Wall Receiver

All matching numbers and parts (Except the back half of the bolt assembly has the Tula star.)

Shoots quite well. Very good chamber and trigger. (According to the guy who helped me sight it in... or attempt to)

Stock is in great shape. :D

So far I have put 60 rounds through it, all in one day.

This is the picture of after I cleaned it inside and out.


Edited by Tsume Xiao

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The only two guns I have seen in my 26 years of life were last Christmas when my father gave away his .22 bolt action, and his .30-06 Semi-auto rifles. He's a left handed shooter, and obviously didn't like the fact the .30-06 spit brass. Go figure though.

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It's clearly a Karabiner-98K, Nagantsdon'thavemetaldiscsonthestock, noraretheymadeofthatkindofwood, alsoit'smissingtherearsightsonthebolt, whichyoucaneasilyseeontheforenagant.



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Weapons owned (all in West Virginia as New York is meanie faces)

Mossburg 835 Ultra Mag (12 guage)

Smith and Wesson Military & Police, tactical tan (.45 ACP)

Taurus Raging Bull (454 Cassul)

Smith and Wesson model 29 (6 inch barrel) (.44 Magnum)

Taur something or another (.257 Magnum)

Taurus something or another (.38 Special)

Ruger something or another (.22 Magnum)

WAY to many wheel guns ~_~ Need moar Assult weapons.

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