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Arokh Takakura

Post your workspace!

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On 2/16/2017 at 8:40 AM, Kishoshima Dragonash said:

yeah but I agree.. that IS some shitty CM.  ESPECIALLY FROM THE GODDAMNED IMPERATOR!



I have a lot of epic connected to my PC... (it's better now)

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So I have almost finished my workspace project. Nothing spectacular when it comes to PC but I like the way the room came out. First some professional photos:





And a few made by me later (yes there is a mess in my room :P)




Also the contents of small shelf above the desk have changed a bit:




But my favorite part is the light control panel:






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^ Winner.


I need to clean up before I can post my workspace lol. Was going to do that this weekend, buuuut got lazy instead.

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Very nice!


Now that we're all getting older now we should probably make a space for our more, 'house' projects.. X)

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