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Ordo's Other Hobbies

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Other than being retired and playing on a computer all day, I also enjoy RC Ships and Tanks.


These are not your normal toys! 




The ships actually have onboard bb guns for cannons and they will sink each other if they take enough damage.  Then they are raised, hulls patched, and battle again!


The tanks are around 1/6 scale...  they use paintball guns for the cannons.  My 4 year old can fit into the turret of my friends King Tiger!


Anyway here is my website to view all my goodies as well as a couple of links for the specific builds.


* You might have to register on the site to view the pics...  It's my personal site on my server, so no spam will come your way....


My current tank project is my Tiger I.




My current ship build is my IJN Nagato.




A current rebuild of my friends Baden




Visit the Club for the ships here  http://mwci.org/


Visit the Club for the tanks here  http://www.rctankcombat.com/

What are your hobbies?

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Computers are my hobby.. learning new things, modding stuff.

I like to mess with cars a little as well.


I've had other hobbies when I was younger, but haven't done them for a long time.

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See, this makes me wonder if I should post about my hobbies, but then most of the older Ordo guys have heard all about my guns and such.


Aside from "collecting" certain ones with unique designs or other reasons (Israeli firearms, certain ones that are just really fun to shoot, etc) I have also been to a few target shooting / marksmanship courses and am currently building an AR-15 pattern rifle.






While I don't get to the range as often as I'd like, my favorite range has very friendly people and trading shots is quite common. Here is me shooting the civilian version of the FN F2000, the FS2000.



The owner offered me a chance to fire it and I offered him a chance to fire my Jericho 941 (which he had never seen before). It is bulky at first but fits well once shouldered and is very comfortable. The integrated scope is also quite nice

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I'm into backpacking and archery. Met some crazy people down in Utah, and toured California for a while.


My bow - http://www.cabelas.com/product/Diamond-Archery-Infinite-Edge-Bow-Package-mdash-Mossy-Oak-reg-Break-Up-Infinity-reg/1423750.uts

Small / Lightweight / Great for long trips.


My backpack - http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/FALCON-II-BACKPACK-111p110.htm

While small, and not a "backpacking" bag; I have to say that maxpedition is a great company. That bag has withstood some serious abuse, and looks almost as good as the day I bought it.

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Oooo very nice, how many lbs do you set?

Right now I have it at 55, but I'll bump it up to 70 when I take it on trips.

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