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    • By Viera Valkyrie
      Hello all, my name is Hali and I play mainly FFXIV at the moment on the server Golbin. If you need to hit me up my in game name currently is Svira Silverclaire. It if changes I will update this. I love all sorts of games ranging from Horizon, Overwatch, Battleborn, Borderlands, Nier, Catherine, Mass effect, League of legends, Dishonored, Mortal Kombat X
    • By Jace Harota
      Hello people!
      I'm a man of many names, but most call me Jace or Tak. I have come to your fine company via the pull of my Girlfriend Chiyo, plus everyone looks like fun to hang with ^^
      Currently I'm prepping for FF StormBlood. Though i do play a decent amount of League right now as well.
      If you have questions, hit me up! 
    • By Alice
      Hello this is Alice Rosanberg from FF14. I am a playstation player mostly play FF14 at the moment but looking forward too tekken 7. Im 22 and like lewd things :D im also on discord and kik at Kittypanda70 discord is Alice#4591 thanks for having me hope to make a buncha friends and huzzah for neko maids 
      I hope to help create a RP area for the FC on FF.
      My birthday is May 25 as this website wont let me edit that for some reason
      Discord and kik are the best ways to reach me 
      I joined looking for a new home for me and my friends who rp as our last home the FC leader decided to call it quits. Hiro was very convincing 
      I guess thats its if you have any other questions you know how to contact me hehe
      Figured i would edit this up.. i'm keeping the above post but my char name on 14 now is Victoria Reagan :P
      Also i have a laptop now and i'm able to use these forums alot more