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Wolf Shaman

Community Ranking Revision - 19OCT13

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I’m posting this to explain some changes to our community ranking structure that is coming down the pipe. For most of you, you will not notice much of a change, But for our Vets, this will be a bit of a shift from our traditional ranking system.


The Goal of this system is to move to a ranking system that more reflects our community as a chapter based community from that of a Single Platform mil-sim group. We’re going to be implementing the Billitied Ranking system that we’ve been talking about for a while.


Billited Ranks basically mean that You hold the rank for as long as you hold the position. When you no longer hold the position, you will return to a member rank. Please note, that Bilited Ranks to not transfer between chapters. If you’re SG3-4 in PS2, You do not automatically become command or staff of SW:TOR.


Ranking Changes


SG1 = Community Member

-Entry Rank, Majority of people here.


SG2 = Community Veteran

SG1 Minimum time requirement = 6 months.

-Ordo people who’ve been around for a long time or have served in chapter leadership. Current Principales will be moved here.


SG3 = Chapter Specialist / SGT - Billet Rank

-Support staff position. Your squad/group/event leaders, Special Group Leaders (Think OSWO), Recruiters, Quartermasters, etc.

-Billet Exemption: As Recognition for their service and achievements, Former CENTCOM Members will be awarded SG3 as a global community ranking.


Enlisted Ranks Above


Officer Ranks Below


SG4 = Chapter Commander / Officer Staff / JR Officer - Billeted Rank

Officer Rank. - Chapter Grade


Billeted to Chapter Commander and XO. Additional slots available depending on chapter size and CENTCOM review.


People in this rank are considered Officers of the Ordo Imperialis, and are expected to conduct themselves as such, as they will become ambasadors of the community as a whole as we expand into new communities. They will be tasked with General day to day Administration of their chapter.


As with the limited scope of SG3, Chapter officers focus on their chapters and officer powers do not extend into other active chapters, But that does not limit an SG4 officer from providing input and advice when asked from other officers in another chapter.


Potential CENTCOM members will spend time in the SG4 rank where Community officers can observe their administrative and command ability.


SG5 = CENTCOM - Community Administration - Billeted Rank (Believe it or not!)

Officer Rank. - Community/Global Grade

SG4 minimum Time Requirement = 2 months.


All Current officers will be combined into this one rank, and not much outside of that has changed. CENTCOM are the community managers who take care of all the back end stuff. This is the only group who maintain their influence across all platforms. SG5 personnel will typically be involved in the setting up of new chapters, settling disputes, and drinking coffee.


SG4 officers who show interest and potential for working in an administrative role and show dedication to the community as a whole may eventually find themselves promoted to this role.


CENTCOM has become a bit more dynamic in these days. We’ve recently had some officers opt to step down from CENTCOM due to increased RL Demands. We’ve had some in the past who’s stepped down because They’ve lost interest or didn't have anything to do. These people have served the group well, and offer their space to the newer generation of Ordo to advance and bring their skills to the table.


SG6 = Imperator - Aryte


Nothing has changed here. Keep Dreaming.


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