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    • By Xoza
      Guild Career/Members Guide
      Career Advancement
      All ranks have added bank and guild permission advancements.
      Each rank above R2 require 2 additional weeks of membership and activity.
      (keep in mind your join date, if you sign up on the forums, it will record the date you joined)
      R0: Starting Rank R1: Requires 1 week of time in the guild and a level 50+ Character R2: Level 65 character or equivalent (auto 60 doesn't count) within the guild and a donation of at least 50k credits (or 75k current value, redistributable items) to the guild bank. R3: Activity on our primary voice program (mic not required) and membership on the forums (introduction post required) R4: 5k Achievement Points - 2 vouches from other staff members above R4. R5: Recognition and appointment from leadership and staff. Consistent activity and contributions, knowledge of guild structure and policy. R6+ Appointment by guild leader(R8) only. Advancement requirements can be pardoned depending on experience or contributions.
      Grouping & Teamwork
      We are all part of something bigger than ourselves and we all need to work together to achieve a greater goal.
      Communication: No matter how you communicate, do it regularly and pay attention to others. Do not allow distractions to reduce your effectiveness. Teamspeak(download) provides a primary voice communication source. This is required for higher organizational activities like operations and hard modes. Forums are where we document records, keep membership information, off game discussions and community resources. Kill Order: There's a natural and best order to killing things, unless dictated by your leader at the time.. Lowest life of the lowest branch first and always try to focus left to right or front to back of your approach. No markers Unless they're marked as or are crowd controlled (CC) Silver Stars then Gold Stars then Champions (silver-gold star) Use markers when needed. Marker order and common uses below. Target / Gold = Primary Target Fire / Red = Secondary Target Saber / Green = Third Target / Healer Star / Yellow = Fourth Target / Follow the Leader Gun / Orange = Ranged Focus / Healer Bolt / Light Blue = Crowd Control Target Gear / Purple = Crowd Control Target Shield / Blue = Last Target / Main Tank Loot Rules: Be fair, be consistent. Need only one(1) set bonus unassembled piece per full operation run. Need other gear or non-set-bonus unassembled only if you need it (mainhand/offhand/implants/earpieces/relics). Need on decorations & materials (Members are encouraged to donate materials to the guild bank to receive bonuses toward higher end recognition gear.) Highest end gear will be given out fairly and evenly determined by leadership and challenge.
    • By Esva
      Twitch Multi Screen Streaming guide


      For many people Live Streaming is a way of gaming life and I know a few people in Ordo like to stream the games they play, but what some of you may know but many will probably not know is how to multi stream along with another person. After all an on line game is all about playing with other people, so why not live stream the same way.


      If two Ordo live streamers are playing the same game it's fun to stream both perspectives and to watch both perspectives side to side, and It's really easy to do. There's no hardware changes, you don't even have to change your software, in fact there's no change what so ever for either person streaming. There's just a simple URL to use.



      How is it done ?


      To run a multi stream is quite easy, first thing you need is the URL of both streams, so for instance if me and Kishoshima were live streaming and wanted a multi stream I would need the following URLs  (Note: this only works with Twitch streams):


      www.twitch.tv/kishoshima & www.twitch.tv/esvakas


      Once you have both URLs you then go to KbMods multistream site Click Here


      From here it's simple.


      Make sure the setting is on "Custom" and decide which URL you want to be Stream 1 and which will be stream 2, for this example Kisho's stream will be Stream 1 



      (Note: when typing in the stream URL the page will automaticaly change to add the second stream box like in the image below)





      Then you add your second stream:


      It's worth noting you can have up to 8 streams in a single window using this method, simply keep pasting the separate URLs



      Once both streams are added, then pick your layout and click on Build layout:










      Once done you will be taken to a new URL showing both streams, and that's it, that's multi streaming set up. Each stream has it's own volume controls and dependant on lay out you can see no chat, chat from both streams or chat from just one preferred stream and you can change the layout at any time by using the side bar. Just remember though people still see your stream seperate from the other unless you give them the Multi stream page url ;) 


      Hope you guys find it useful and have some fun with this especially on Planetside 2 nights or SWTOR ops 


      from Esva :D