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Post Your Desktop

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Post your desktops. Doing this is very simple:

  1. Minimize all windows
  2. Press your keyboard key "Prt Scrn" (located somewhere in the top rightmost area of your keyboard)
  3. Go to Start menu and load Paint (or simply press and hold your Windows key[the key next to ALT], then press R, and type in the window "mspaint" and press enter)
  4. When paint is loaded, press CTRL-V to paste your Prt Scrn
  5. File -> Save As
  6. Type "desktop" and make the save filetype .JPG
  7. Save
  8. Attach it here.

I'll go first.


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Eh.. not much point in posting mine. I use a basic Vista Aero Desktop. Nothing special added aside form like.. 2 things on my sidebar for CPU and network monitoring. My 2nd screen is kept clean unless I'm working on somthing.

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Fermi might recognize this... x3

As you can tell by the minimized tabs. I use Opera. And my Windows is just XP. Sadface. >:

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It's been years since I've ever got off my ass and spiffied up my UI.. I'm still in the process of doing a few more things.

New Opera Icon

Monochroming the BG

New Icons for a few other programs



Edited by Phillip Hultcrantz

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