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Hi There!

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- The name you wish to be known by.

Frankly, I'm not picky so. Alcatraz, Nomad, or Mitchell. Whichever you like to call me.


- Your steam profile information.

LCDR Alcatraz (Picture is a Crysis Nanosuit.)


- What games you currently play with us or plan to play with us?

I was planning on Playing several games, including ArmA (2 or 3.), SWTOR, STO, FF XIV, and perhaps GW2.


- What interests you in joining us today and what gaming interests you have?

Well, I've been friends with Hiro for a good bit of time. I play a lot of FPS games and MMOs.


- How you intend to partake or contribute to the community? where best to communicate?

I bring a healthy dose of sarcasm, just kidding. I'm a Serious raider, I bring experience, both leadership and pure raid headbashing.

I've cleared every SWTOR raid (All NiM pre-nerf.) and I might be a little rusty, but I'm always willing to help whomever I can.

(Edit: I Tank, Guardian is my Main and I've got 2 of them. Vanguard is my secondary. and for DPS, i'm an old-school 2.0 Sharpshooter. [Though, I can play any DPS class adeptly.]) 

Edited by Alcatraz

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Hey man glad you finally decided to join up :p I almost have all the old group back together just missing a few more people. Anywho I think you will be a great addition to the community.

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Hi Frankly welcome to the community. I am sure the TOR prog team could always use a few more good men. Hope to see you in FF14.

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