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Volunteers for Data Collection From all the Reports

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Hi. You're probably viewing this, scratching your head, wondering, "What does he mean data collection?"

I'll tell you what I mean; I need volunteers to help collect information from all the offensive/defensive/training/assistance/ reports that the Ordo has ever made and put onto the forums.

While this may sound a bit easy on paper, it's not. See, we have to collect data from over 2,230 topics. That's defense reports alone right there, good sir or madam.

What I need are dedicated, number crunching members with skill (or at least, the ability) to learn Microsoft Excel/OpenOffice. I can teach you the basic functions of Excel; we're not going to be going too in-depth with the functions of the program, anyways. Hell, you don't even need Excel - as we're going to be putting it onto a Google Document.

To give you an example of what we'll be working with, here is this link. That right there is the basis to what we will be doing, and is a month and a half of attack records.

Also note: participants that stick through the -entire project- get a special merit for this project, and this project alone. Now let's get down to business: What I need from you:

  • English speaker, preferably native or very fluent.
  • The will to work long hours.
  • The will to work on a project that you will be doing "parts" of, and only the parts assigned to you.
  • These parts will be rather large. Months of reports, in some cases.

The application process will halt on 21st of October, 2010. I need at least ten applicants to get this project off the ground.

This project is the groundwork for a whole new database, a whole new way to find inactive personnel - a whole new report system.

Please, don't discuss the project here. It has the OK from Aryte to launch.

IM me in-world if you have questions.

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Masamune Anansi and Huttser Ishelwood are both on the list as well, making three volunteers so far.

Edited by Hollowmengitus Yifu

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