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Ordo Imperialis

Ascension Points


Introducing the Ascension Point system! An award system that allows the Ordo Imperialis to give back to it's members. While this is a new system, it will take some time to balance distribution, the exchange and restrictions, so please be patient with us as the below will may change. All members will start with 0ᴬᴾ.


▶ Distribution

  • Anyone can recommend awards for anyone else using our standard request or recognition system.
  • Central command is free to distribute AP anywhere it's felt deserved or on request.
  • Merits, medals and other award types may have an AP value that will be distributed when the award is given.
  • Any member may request central command or the quartermaster to make exceptions or reexamine distribution.
  • Members may have a restriction to the maximum amount of AP they can hold.
  • Distribution of recognition is the responsibility of leadership and should be accomplished regularly in recognition of our members.


▶ Market "Member / Imperial Exchange"

  • All members may sell or auction products in the exchange under a separate, properly titled thread per item.
  • Members are free to trade AP with one another through the economy system, treasury or by request.
  • The exchange will be moderated with specific, available layouts. Exchange items may require review.
  • Once an exchange item is finalized or completed, the thread will be closed and archived in a viewable area.
  • All ventures should find ways to provide some type of product available for purchase.
  • Items may consists of monetary, digital items or specified services with an agreement of sale on boths sides.
  • Prices must remain fair and respect a value achievable based on allotment and time to acquire or accomplish.
  • Goods must be delivered within 72hrs, services accomplished within 1 week unless negotiated otherwise.
  • General gameplay, activity or grouping may not be classified as services.
  • All transfers of AP come with restrictions.


▶ Rules

  • Only ordo members may exchange or earn AP. Non-members may hold AP for up to 3 months, depending on status.
  • Exchange value, manipulation, or discouragement of use will result in additional restrictions to those who may be involved.
  • CENTCOM may alter AP without altering value to better accommodate and balance exchange and distribution.
  • Staff may petition for AP alterations to correct inconsistencies or distribute corrective actions.
  • Chapters may designate a supply officer who will work with the economy in the maintenance of chapter assets, distribution and exchange.


Have fun with and enjoy it, earn and burn that AP! If you have questions, ask.


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