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  1. Akara

    Awards Audit Thread

    Crown of the preserver has been renamed "Corona Conservatrix" so it fits with all the other crown/corona medal names.
  2. Accounts updated.
  3. Accounts updated, congrats everyone!
  4. Akara

    [PS2] Class Tips Mini-Guides

    Feel free to make videos with this stuff in. I'm just writing down anything that comes to mind here. All Classes On everyone else's screen you are behind where you are on your screen due to the nature of networking (lag) and how this game engine handles that. Ever been shot behind a wall when you run into cover? This is why. Crushed by a sunderer when you thought you could easily drive in front of it in your harrasser? This is why. Been killed the very instant you see a BR100 and called bullshit? He's already aiming at you before you can see him. This is why short time to kill (TTK), weapons are especially deadly in close quarters with lots of cover. Use this knowledge to your advantage. I'm not going to do a ton of research into this because I know it works, so these numbers will be rough. These numbers also vary based on any given player's connection to the servers but are not entirely ping related. Hopefully this explains it: people wont see you for 0.2~ seconds when you run out of cover, but on your screen in these 0.2~ seconds you are already out of cover and can aim at the enemy. Combine this with the average human reaction time, lets say this is another 0.2~ seconds, you have 0.4~ seconds on the enemy to aim and start firing. Of course, if you don't kill the enemy and need to run back into cover remember that they have another 0.2 seconds on you once you're already in cover. This advantage could allow you to get several bullets into the enemy before they start firing. In short, utilize cover and peak out of cover as much as possible. Keep space between vehicles in any sort of vehicle column or you might get crushed. Infiltrator Recon darts are extremely useful. If you play infiltrator a lot I really reccomend upgrading them a bit and firing them at towers, spawn points, capture points and any areas heavily populated by enemies. You earn XP from everyone killed that was detected by the dart and you provide a great service to your team. As an SMG infiltrator the dart is useful for getting the exact locations of enemies before you assault any given area, you are not going to be in a sustained fight with this class, so you need to kill people as fast as possible, this means knowing where they before they know where you are. If you're very close to an enemy and you are uncloaked, cloaking may cause the enemy to hear you and quickly zone in on your position. I have done this to enemy infiltrators far too many times, your cloak can be heard from quite a distance and anyone with surround sound, virtual or real, can easily detect where the sound is coming from and gun you down before you can uncloak again. Obviously some situations require you cloak regardless of the risk, use your own judgement, just keep this in mind. CQC: using a knife can cut your time to kill in half and save your life. You'll want to fire your gun off first though so you can finish them with the knife. 2 knife swings is often too slow for an enemy that is focusing on you. Will post stuff for other classes at a later date.
  5. Akara


    Welcome! Here is an elephant on a trampoline.
  6. Akara

    Awards Audit Thread

    W.A.R. ribbons have been awarded to everyone listed as taking part in the first W.A.R. operation. If you were in the operation and didn't receive a W.A.R. ribbon, please post here.
  7. Akara

    Awards Audit Thread

    The point is to see your own merits, which you can see in your own profile on FF's database or that link, then add your own on the forum award system and await approval.
  8. Akara

    Warhammer MMO: Eternal Crusade

  9. Akara


    Welcome! Have a GIF i've been wanting to use for far too long. I didn't have any Star Wars ones. :(
  10. Akara

    Xoza's Media Thread

    I HAVE RECEIVED THE HINT. Good stuff. :]
  11. Akara

    Heyo :D

    Welcome! :D

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