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Tonny Foxdale

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    Russia , Kazan city
  1. Tonny Foxdale

    Joining to PS2

    I apologize for this post, I kept tab forum Ordo, just now saw the site >_< I am writing appliсation
  2. Tonny Foxdale

    Joining to PS2

    Hello. I have a bit of time and interest to PS2, I played in the Russian squad in Miller, but unfortunately our group broke up = ( I would like to join your outfit. I have a couple of questions. - How are things with ping on Vaterson for Europeans? - Can Do Europeans normally play? - What is your online, and how often do you play? About me: - Support, concentrating on support for soldiers in combat (healing, resurrection, repairing equipment). - I have the evening European online (I'm online from 9 to 13 on SLT, if necessary, I can sit up to 15). - In addition to the PS2 I play Arma 2 and Battlefield 3 Is it possible to deal with this online?
  3. Tonny Foxdale

    ArmA II

    Arma 2 Combined Operations non steam. If have a time, play with friends on Russian PvP servers. Recently I found a good U.S. server, named =U.B.G=-=U.S.A=-=Battlegun=-=Domination= Server. I play solo after midnight, arrange a "storm in the desert" every week
  4. Tonny Foxdale

    Operation Red Day

    Does anyone can tell that this has happened, and why so many different groups (2142, Vanguard) attack Chaos?
  5. Tonny Foxdale

    Officially Leaving

    Time goes by. Change people... Change their views... 2 years ago when I discovered SL, I was a typical fag,who spent much time on the computer, playing MMORPG and not thinking about the problems ofharsh reality.Now I've changed.I am 19 years old, college, work, girl, no time to spend using the computer, interests have changed...I had fun with you the past six months, and very grateful to this.Thank you for your time spent with you, maybe I'll be back, but still...While I would have toresign... Sincerely, LiL Kotovsky.
  6. Tonny Foxdale

    [Ordo] Promotions: 11DEC11

    Yay :]
  7. Tonny Foxdale

    Extended Service Merit

    E-1 Milites 2011-03-07
  8. Translate a forum on the Tatar language

  9. Tonny Foxdale

    Cellphone Plans! Let's do some comparing.

    Nation: Russian Federation, Tatarstan Provider: MTS( Mobile Tele Systems) Cellphone: Nokia 5800 Rate plan: $5 a month Features: Ahaha, I can phone :D
  10. Tonny Foxdale

    Halloween parteh!!

    when will be a hallowen party?
  11. Tonny Foxdale

    New HUD Gestures + Information

    F - grenade Z - barricade shift+Z - disarm barricade X - C4 V - detonate C4 shift+V - detonate C4 shit+F1 - tp:armory shitft+F2 - tp:center

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