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    Firefox Breed got a reaction from Xevrand in Gaming Comms Recommendations?   is what I got now. They are LOUD!!!


    and the Gamescom Plantronics 780 is good. Had them when i was overseas. 

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    Firefox Breed got a reaction from TheWildestWes in [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 26JAN14   
    Congrats to all
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    Firefox Breed got a reaction from Nightfall Foxclaw in Sup.   


    Weclome. Feel free to hop on the TS3.

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    Firefox Breed got a reaction from Odin047 in 16MAR13 - Weekly Meetings   
    I am not able to attend meetings because of irl constraints. I am in Kuwait GMT +3


    Firefox's notes


    Arma 3 Alpha server is online. Information is posted here.
    Arma XML file has been set up and operational. Information is posted here.
    Please vote for our PS2 board here.
    Keep in mind we are looking for members who play any game. We are not restricted to just a few.
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    Firefox Breed got a reaction from Afevis in [Ordo] Communications Manual   
    The Ordo Imperalis is a multi game community. Being such a community requires use of communication assets. This post will serve as a central area where need to know information about such assets will be consolidated.

    Server Info: (port 6667)
    What to do FIRST:
    -Register your nickname with Nickserv: /msg nickserv register password email
    -Check your spam box, e-mail will probably be in there. 
    -Join #Ordo (this should be automatic.)

    Register your own personal host name: ex: /msg hostserv request

    Things to know:

    Normal Ordo standards and regulations apply

    Handy mIRC stuff:

    Server info:
    No port/pass. Obvious nicknames are prefered.
    You need to be using push to talk, voice activation is disabled server side.
    Setup guide for n00bs:

    You will see a list of channels but no users on first connect. Please wait in the top channel until a admin gives you server permissions. Until that happens, you will be unable to move or see anyone else in the server.

    (Firefox's Old Version)


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