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    Markius Fox reacted to Vincent Kroitschov in [PS2] Ordo Logo & Artwork   
    added some filters (gimps style filters woo) 

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    Markius Fox got a reaction from AxaraBlue in [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 06JUL14   
    You needn't thank the Imperator, it was your work that earned you your just reward. Be proud of what you have earned, and do not strive to simply earn awards and merits. Simply strive to do the best that you can and be yourself.
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    Markius Fox got a reaction from AxaraBlue in [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 06JUL14   
    You needn't thank the Imperator, it was your work that earned you your just reward. Be proud of what you have earned, and do not strive to simply earn awards and merits. Simply strive to do the best that you can and be yourself.
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    Markius Fox reacted to AxaraBlue in Kavia's ... Whatever it is!   
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    Markius Fox reacted to Xoza in A guideline of 'community'.   
    Welcome to the Ordo Imperialis gaming community, if you are new here, we hope you will fit right in! Here is just a little review of our customs, courtesies, codex and structure. In the past, the Ordo Imperialis was a very structured, heavily ranked and activity based. While some of us ‘old people’ are nostalgic to those days, since then a lot of it hasn't entirely been needed. Today’s Ordo evolves based on our community, our members interests, all of you. With the continuous movement of members, we need to remind everyone about the standards we hold and how our current structure works.
    In the Ordo we will train you, we can guide you but we are not here to give handouts, what you make of this community is yours and we'll do everything we can to support you. Anyone here can achieve anything when they put their time and dedication into it. With you we will always aim high and encourage everyone to do the same. Our goals will always to be something greater,  from more members and leadership to chapters, activities and games. What will you do to enhance your membership and contribute to this goal?
    Our structure here is pretty simple. It is based on levels of time in service and contribution from chapter to community levels. We don't distribute or earn rank to hold it over others or use it as a supervisory position, but as a leadership position to better identify who does what. On occasion though we do  unfortunately need to remind individuals to represent themselves and our community professionally, everyone's here for a reason, let's make it the best. Chapter staff and leadership help support and cover their game or division. These individuals also hold a form of community staff position because of the connection they have with our members and the administration. Staff and administration are all in their position for a good reason, they are part of a bigger picture and have dedicate their service to that image, to a greater community for all of us.
    I currently hold the title and role of Imperator, the sole leader of the Ordo Imperialis community. I stand along side with Imperial affairs, essentially our HR, and the administration, unbiased and professional on all levels. We may not always seem like a friend and many may not know each of us individually, but we are not your enemy and we work to get to know you. Don't keep from us, we really want to know what we can do and would like to get to know everyone. Every one of us are here for every one of you, you are not just a number here, we make sure everything is working to the best ability in interest of the community as a whole. While we highly encourage the use of the chain of command from chapter to community, every one of our staff members have open door policies. This gives all our members the ability to discuss interests, ideas or concerns with any of us at any time with utmost discretion as needed. In addition you can use the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the forums to contact myself or Imperial Affairs directly.
    We are who we are, we are all different, have our own personalities, preferences and interests. Here in the Ordo Imperialis though, we all fly under the same banner. We are a brotherhood, we fight, we serve and we live for Ordo, our members and our comrades, this is one of our longest standing strengths. This is not a one person army nor is it where one is here to slave for another. We need to stand together, respectful, opening and welcoming of everyone, look after each other, we're all here to game together and have a great time doing so. For anything else, let the staff sort it out.
    - TL;DR
    Authority - Every group has structure, we have a pretty simple one. Talk to your chapter leaders and up from there depending on topic. Your leaders will always guide you in the right path and help you out.
    Brotherhood - We're all Ordo here, it doesn't matter who or what you are, we don't discriminate. We all support each other loyally under the banner of the Ordo Imperialis and shall not aid in detriment of others.
    Respect - We respect everyone, even if we're crushing their skulls in. Representation, reverence and politeness on all levels. Gaming should be an enjoyable experience on all sides, even socially. Do not demean, discredit or attack others in a malicious manner.
    Integrity - Lying or deceit of any type is not beneficial to anyone. We all need to be able to trust in and count on each other equally.
    Order - Present yourself professionally and mature at all times to provide a consistent atmosphere for all. Disorderly conduct, fighting or arguments are not permitted.
    Information - Keep in touch with posted boards and information as much as you can. Distribute information responsibly to only those it is intended for.
    Communication - Talk to us about anything and let others talk too. Hold a respectable standard for yourself and others depending on activities or discussion.
    Community - Be respectfully and constructive of all topics, keep a friendly community atmosphere. Avoid controversial topics (such as religion and politics). Aim to hold a general rating of PG-13.
    Allegiance - Fight along side us, not against us. Stand with us as the most loyal to the community and its members though any battle and we will always stand with you.
    Merit - Honor and reinforce one another, be supportive of positive actions, compliment or provide constructive criticism to better improve our members and the community. Work together and include everyone you can without bias.
    - TL;SDR
    Play nice, be respectful, be loyal, support each other, we'll support you, have fun and let others have theirs or GTFO.
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    Markius Fox reacted to RazorFox in I am old and grumpy.   
    It's good and cool to see so many old guard faces in here expressing fond memories of their time in the Ordo.

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    Markius Fox reacted to Agares Tretiak in I am old and grumpy.   

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    Markius Fox reacted to Inoue Katsu in [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 18MAY14   
    I will leave you with a bit of advice as I am stepping out: weaponized autonomous robots/AI


    Totally worth the time investment :]

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    Markius Fox reacted to Aryte in Xoza, Imperator II   
    A very sincere congratulations to Xoza. After a rather prolonged discussion and a vote amongst the officer cadre, Xoza was selected as the candidate to fill the role of Imperator (SG-6). I have accepted this appointment.


    I have known Xoza as an individual of unquestionable merit and honor. It genuinely pleases me to know I am able to hand off the reigns to someone I can trust to do the right thing and to make the hard decisions when necessary.


    The path ahead is one that I see paved with opportunity. The Ordo can only benefit from a proactive, energized leadership. You most certainly have that in Xoza.

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    Markius Fox reacted to Agares Tretiak in Histories of the Ordo Imperialis   
    Requesting that this thread is also pinned (as it was part of the approved RP background):


    Will be updating that thread soon as well with some more background information!

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    Markius Fox reacted to Inoue Katsu in I am old and grumpy.   
    We had so much fun on SL \o/


    Also you HAVE to write down your stories.

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    Markius Fox reacted to Larry Furlough in Hello (again)   
    Hi!!! Some of you might remember me, the majority of you probably don't know who I am. Prior to Ordo shifting from a Second Life Military to a Online Gaming Community, I was CO of Victrix (an entry level squad), XO of Evalidus (a specialized squad), and I (think?) an XO of Legion Hades for a brief time before my departure from day-to-day activities of the group to focus on my personal life, as well as a slew of other things I can't really recall right now. My history with Ordo extends into my younger years, with my first foray into the group having been sometime around 2009.



    Wellllll, I'd like to let everyone know they should be seeing more of me again. :~) Life has leveled out and I'm starting my Associates of Science this fall, and work isn't as demanding as it once was, so now I have a lot of spare time that I didn't have before.


    I'm excited to come back and see what the Ordo has evolved into. From what I've read on the forums over time and today, it looks very exciting! I see a lot of familiar faces but also a /ton/ of new ones. I look forward to meeting everybody!

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    Markius Fox reacted to Wolf Shaman in Looking Forward - 2014   
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    Markius Fox reacted to Aryte in Inoue Katsu - Imperator's Star Nomination   
    Affirming: Inoue Katsu shall be recipient of the Star.

    Congratulations and thank you, Inoue!

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    Markius Fox reacted to Lanny Ansar in Inoue Katsu - Imperator's Star Nomination   
    Wait a second...


    How has she NOT earned the Star up until now? Mercury is likely one of the finest pieces of codework I have ever seen get implemented into Second Life's platform. And to be honest, is likely going to be the only one of its' kind for a LONG, LONG time.


    So does she deserve the award? OH DEAR GOD YEAH. Like I stated before, I'm surprised she didn't get it before now.

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    Markius Fox reacted to Xoza in Inoue Katsu - Imperator's Star Nomination   
    From the first version to the last, Mercury has always been a fascination of mine and I thank you for working with me to help me integrate some features and ideas. Every time I think of you, I think of Mercury, Mercury I think of you and not just the bot... The amount of time you've given to Ordo, even offline and whilst at work, you have been selfless in your endeavours, having asked for nothing. Thank you for all you've done to not only improve our lives but to your loyalty and honor.

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    Markius Fox reacted to Agares Tretiak in Inoue Katsu - Imperator's Star Nomination   
    Inoue, you definitely earned it. Creating, maintaining, and integrating mercury so seamlessly into our organization was a feat that shouldn't be overlooked, and praised as publicly as possible.

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    Markius Fox reacted to Kristian in Inoue Katsu - Imperator's Star Nomination   
    Inoue, you are one of the few legendary Ordo members. Those who have been here since the NOI-era and never ever failed in performing her duties to an excellent level. If you forget about scripting a gear-auth eating pissed off drone and Skynet who has threatened the average Ordo member more than any army of group of mindless orkz could and an experimental Astra fighter that shot skittles.


    Such constant, unwavering and flawless dedication has made you an unique officer. Uncorruptable and unbreakable. In times of turmoil and drama you were one of the people who you could always rely on. When we had to fear for others to succumb to the weight of stress, drama or personal fights and other things you were always one of the founding and strongest pillars of the Ordo. There is no Ordo without you and it's very comforting that no matter what happens, you are one of the few that would never be affected by anything.


    No one deserves the star more than you.


    Beter laat dan nooit.

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    Markius Fox reacted to Wolf Shaman in Inoue Katsu - Imperator's Star Nomination   
    Honestly, You could probably write an academic study on how people's behavior changes as Mercury evolved.


    You could lose an officer and there would be minor impact.

    You could lose a builder or a scripter, there would be a minor impact.

    You could lose Inoue and Mercury, and we'd all be Ffffed.


    Inoue built up the infrastructure that we built the day to day in world functions around. Everything From growingly complex Auth Systems, Automating Combat Reports and OIC Handoffs, to Ringing a bell that sent the sim into a murderous frenzy when some guy who attacked the sim once 3 years ago showed up in the hub that no one remembers but Mercury. 


    Kristian Probably said it better than I could.


    All in All, Long time coming.


    Inoue: Most Valuable Programmer

    Mercury: Most Valuable Program


    I say give them both one.
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    Markius Fox reacted to Xoza in [PS2] Ordo Logo & Artwork   
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    Markius Fox reacted to Angelin01 in Console: XBox One   
    ^ PC Gamers for the win!

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    Markius Fox got a reaction from NotMateo in Star Conflict   
    I'm joining in on this, searched the forums specifically for which faction to start with. A tough choice in my opinion.

    If anyone would like to play long side (if possible) I'd be willing.
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    Markius Fox got a reaction from Shizzerk in Ordo RL weapons thread   
    A/N PVS-2 on an M21. Awesome sauce.

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    Markius Fox reacted to Dascede in Let's chat about Boston here   
    The ubiquitous picture of the man being rushed from the marathon explosion with both of his legs torn apart and accompanied by a man in a cowboy hat saving his life has been given more background. Jeff Bauman, the injured man in the photograph, is now recovering. He assisted in identifying the perpetrators of the bombing even as he was still waking up from surgery in intensive care. His savior, the brave man who kept him from bleeding out and dying on the scene, now has a Wikipedia page and his own story in the Time Magazine LightBox. His name is Carlos Arredondo.



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    Markius Fox reacted to Aryte in Let's chat about Boston here   
    Strange to note, earlier Putin was offering us help:


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