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  1. Angelin01

    [PS2] 04/19/13 Friday Night Op

    Nice of you to record all this stuff Odin. Let's get these videos shared!
  2. Angelin01

    Lord of the Rings: Online

    I remember hearing about this game back in 2007 I think. Never really got into it. I might have a look if more people plan on playing it again but... not a 100% sure.
  3. Angelin01


    Of course, it's just that... yeah, I expected a bit more. Oh well.
  4. Angelin01


    Riff When I said on the shoutbox I was disappointed, it's because they said (more than one time), it's a ninja game. Well... there is just not enough ninja to it. I mean, you don't actually equip your meele weapon (ninjas use those as primary right?), you hit E to use it. And then, sometimes you use a skill. It really reminds me of ME3 multiplayer. Of course free game, etc. etc. etc., but still... maybe if they make it a bit more complex on the future, but right now, for me? I didn't really like it. Just my opinion.
  5. Angelin01

    War Thunder

    The game looks nice, but I played enough IL-2 to last a couple years xD. Maybe I will end up playing this game after some time, but who knows? Still, I recomend you people check it out.

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