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  1. Angelin01

    Voice Attack

    It needs to be the ULTIMATE edition for you to have other languages available. Currently, I have the professional version, which is 1 tier below... it has pretty much everything else, except that. Again, I don't need to use it currently, so I'll wait for Windows 10 to come out or grab a 8.1 copy from my university when I build my next rig.
  2. Angelin01

    Voice Attack

    This is a really good piece of technology. Unfortunately, because my windows is in portuguese, I can't use the voice recognition software... Because it doesn't have any... But, as soon as Windows 10 is a thing for everyone, I may be able to just change languages. I plan on doing something with these kind of things along with a Raspberry PI or an Arduino to control lights and stuffs through voice commands. But that's a plan for the future, not now.
  3. Angelin01

    Looking for a new monitor

    Try this one
  4. There's no place like :3

  5. Wow, now my internet is glorious! Still homesick :(

  6. And now I am terribly homesick and have only 3G internet. I miss my old simpler life. :(

  7. Moving to uni. Out of internet for a couple days I guess.

  8. Toothless Gif Best Gif. TY XOZA

    1. Angelin01


      It's wonderful isn't it? It makes people go like: "WTF!" and then they notice it's just a cute adorable and huggable cat.

    2. Xoza


      Um... cat..? Okay..

    3. Angelin01


      Toothless is basically a cat. Go watch the movies, you'll understand

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  9. Angelin01

    28FEB15 - Meeting

    Yes. That announcement (which shall never be repeated again) was awesome. Good thing it was announced to those present.
  10. Angelin01


    Looks interesting... Keep an eye on it for us will ya? We can probably look more into after it's released
  11. Angelin01

    New Comp

    DAAAAMN :| You've already spent all that money, might as well Crossfire that 290X eheheheh, you better have water cooling though... oh nvm
  12. Angelin01

    Intro: mistereveritt

  13. Angelin01

    Propaganda & Promotional Media Requests

    png/gif master race! gonna leave now
  14. Angelin01

    [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 11JAN15

    Xoza Xoza... you did it again! Giving us TOR instead of PS2 :)


  17. Angelin01


    That is a game I'm interested in but I'm not buying it right now, being in Early Access and all. Later down the line I could consider it.
  18. Angelin01

    [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 21DEC14

    Xoza... I think you put too many people as TOR in that list there ;)
  19. Angelin01

    12 Day's of Ordomas Givaway (2014)

    I don't qualify for this one but... here, have the worst chirstmas tree I can find:
  20. Angelin01

    12 Day's of Ordomas Givaway (2014)

    Ohh yeah! I take it! Thanks Santa Xoza!
  21. Angelin01

    12 Day's of Ordomas Givaway (2014)

    You did it again!!!!
  22. Angelin01

    12 Day's of Ordomas Givaway (2014)

    They say the third is a charm!

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