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  1. Yollo

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Yeah the Balreth fight actually works now, which is nice. I've been too distracted by provisioning and legerdemain to actually level lately because for me elder scrolls = getting trashed on sujamma and stealing Ffffing everything.
  2. Yollo

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Hell yeah, gonna get my CHIM on again.
  3. Liquor is a much more effective bribe than cookies.
  4. Hey healers: during that first subteroth phase if you have issues pulling those little bastards don't forget your aggro dump. One way I've seen the despoiler handled is just by ccing him until all the corrupters are down. That way you don't have to swap targets to watch the corrupter. I've just lifted him and that seems to work well since he hangs out in the middle of the room so aoes aren't an issue.
  5. Yollo

    Why do you love Ordo?

  6. Yollo

    Tis me!

    Xoza you motherFfffer. I couldn't get a grant for my flapjacks and hookers research and you fund this bullshit?
  7. Yollo

    [TOR] Guide: Dread Fortress

    Hmm yes excellent guide. It is all so clear now.
  8. Merc/Mando is the one healing class I don't know anything about. Thanks for the awesome guide, Faar.
  9. Yollo

    Just joined Ordo Imperialis

    If no one's gotten you in yet and you see me on TS let me know. I'll let you in even if you are a gross Sith.
  10. Yollo

    Watch Dogs

    You mean I can sneak into other people's games and Ffff with them?
  11. Basically. It's what I'll be using this summer to keep going. So about those lemon bars... They were awesome. Tart and sweet but not too sweet. The raspberries were great, but next time I'll probably try blueberries because you can't have too many things with blueberries in them imo.
  12. Yollo

    May Game Giveaway

    Gimme dat small games bundle. Risen looks fun.
  13. Cocktail time! Blueberry and basil fizz. Stay with me. Fruit + herbs = magic. It's refreshing and boozy and great for sipping on the dock in the summer. Found the recipe here while looking for a raspberry lemon bar recipe. Those are chilling in the fridge; I'll post pics tomorrow.

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