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    Lotsa Gaming, a little programming of all varieties, Sprite art (just dabbling), Warhammer 40k! (Mostly Comp games and books + Lore, Imperial Guard or orks), Magic the Gathering, Valkyria Chronicles.
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  1. d3rp3nguin


    Thing is, you need a really powerful rig in order to get any tangible results. If you factor in power costs to keep that machine running all day grinding numbers, you won't profit. That's why most bitminers work in groups with other people and split the prize pool when they get a bit coin.
  2. d3rp3nguin

    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    Will probably pick it up when it goes on sale, just because of the sheer ridiculousness of the game.
  3. d3rp3nguin

    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    Mark four style mother truckers! Seriously considering picking this up just because of the hilarious and over the top premise. I hear from a friend if you hit the "F" key, your character flips the bird :P Game looks like some epic lighthearted fun.
  4. d3rp3nguin

    List your consoles!

    Wii, Gamecube, Xbox360 (seriously regretting getting this though, since all I wanted a console for was to play the console exclusives, and PS3 has MUCH better exclusives). 99% of my gaming is done on my pc either way, so yeah.
  5. d3rp3nguin

    Post Your Desktop

    I actually really enjoy it. Definitely encourages more teamplay than your average shooter (and as a result, success will hinge more on teamwork than individual skill). It's also got an "authentic" brand of gameplay, that I can't find anywhere else. Everything in the game from movement/cover system to handling of guns feels solid. Overall pretty fun, but be warned like any other f2p game, it has some balance issues (though nothing is super-blatantly OP).
  6. d3rp3nguin

    Post Your Desktop

    Mine's a complete mess... Working on making a Rainmeter skin to spiff up my desktop a little. Also, all thems random notepad documents...
  7. d3rp3nguin

    [PS2] Weapon Statistics Guide

    Thanks, actually pretty helpful.
  8. d3rp3nguin

    Battlefield 4

    ^ Well said. I'm afraid that ea is just gonna start milking on battlefield now that medal of honor's out of the lineup.
  9. d3rp3nguin

    Kerbal Space Program

    KSP is great fun and definitely is worth checking out, though certain people might want to hold back as of right now since it is a steam "early access" game, which means it's priced higher right now than it will be on release I believe.
  10. d3rp3nguin


    Love TB, as he usually shares my views on a lot of things. This game very well might be worth checking out.
  11. d3rp3nguin

    "New" Laptop - Program Suggestions Wanted (Updated)

    Chrome feels faster for me, and I think (?) it's less taxing than firefox, unless you open a lot of tabs, in which case firefox is faster. I think I read that somewhere anyways. If you need me to, I could dig up the article without too much trouble.
  12. d3rp3nguin


    Hmm might reinstall and play again. Maybe it'll stick with me this time around.
  13. d3rp3nguin

    Dascede's Artwork

    Noice, all I can draw are tanks and Warhammer 40k :P I fail at drawing any kind of organic lifeform.
  14. d3rp3nguin


    Wait... this game will run on a subscription system?
  15. d3rp3nguin

    Tribes: Ascend

    I liked the pace and higher skill level required to be good at the game, but for some reason it just lost my interest :| May pick it back up sometime with the new faster earning rate of currency though.

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